Bye Bye, Google Reader, Bye Bye

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We’ve all heard Google Reader is leaving us, friends. 
The truth is that I left Google Reader a while back. 
My heart and my blog have belonged to Bloglovin for a while now. 

If any of you are still looking for a place to move your stuff, your feeds, your big giant blog lists – 

I personally recommend Bloglovin. I like it there. You can import your blogs from Google Reader if you want by clicking on this link. You can sort blogs in different ways, in different folders. You can share and favorite blog posts. And Bloglovin is so doggone pretty compared to the rest of them, which is something I like. (It kind of reminds me of the LOOK of Tumblr, except it’s not Tumblr.)

If you want to follow Into the Hall of Books using Bloglovin, feel free to click on one of the two following links: 

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OR you can subscribe by email here: 

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*I also needed to claim my blog on Bloglovin, so that is the reason for the second link. WOOHOO.


What is everyone using for blog-reading 
in the wake of this disaster of epic proportions?

(It’s actually not really a disaster at all.)


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21 responses to “Bye Bye, Google Reader, Bye Bye

    • Wow, that's awesome. I'm not sure that I could do that. I have the HARDEST time remembering blogs. I'm an out-of-sight, out-of-mind person – which is pretty bad considering that means I forget even my most favorite blogs sometimes if they're not right in front of my face. When I had to rebuild my blog list in Bloglovin after my Google Reader went kaput, it took (and is still taking) FOREVER because I keep coming across blogs that I've accidentally forgotten and it makes me feel AWFUL.

      High fives to you for being able to remember your favorite blogs.

    • Maybe you should save the high-five. I really only read your blog…

      And Adams, but last I checked he hadn't updated in like 6 months.

      There are others that I read when I see a tweet or something from them, but usually, it's just yours. Busy busy…

  1. I just switched to this too and wrote a post about it last week. I found some great blog posts where they had sampled several readers and gave the pros and cons. It was very helpful! I'm also trying feedly but so far I like Bloglovin better. I didn't use Google Reader every day but it was handy when I needed it.

    • I was using Google Reader because that was what everyone always talked about but I never really loved it. I found it confusing and then TWICE it just deleted most of my blogs, which frustrated me a bit. So I asked around and got a suggestion from Hannah @ So Obsessed With, which was Bloglovin, and I've been happy there since that time. 🙂

    • I agree! I love it too. I find it so much easier to organize than GReader, and I like the look of it. And it does make commenting really easy. Plus I like that I can mark a post as read really easy and it goes away. I never utilized this much in GReader but it seems much easier in Bloglovin.

  2. I just switched the Feedly. I've seen bloglovin' all over the place and thought about switching, but I love the little button in my browser that I can click to subscribe to a new blog. <3

    • I've seen where a lot of people are loving Feedly lately, but I didn't hear about Feedly or any of the other options until after I had already switched to Bloglovin a few months ago. And since I like it there so much I'm hesitant to try out anything else.

      I switched to Bloglovin completely based on a recommendation from Hannah @ So Obsessed With and I trust her completely. She was so right because I think she really knows my tastes. What I like best about this on is that the LOOK of it isn't overwhelming to me and it looks really nice. I know that sounds crazy, but I've never claimed to be anything other than completely quirky with my habits. I also found that it was much easier for me to categorize and organize stuff than GReader was. It just worked. BUT I love that there seems to be something out there for everyone right now with GReader leaving. I've seen that lots of people are loving Feedly. 🙂

    • I never managed to get my Google Reader organized! Definitely a plus of switching because Feedly's organization is much better, as it sounds Bloglovin's is! And I completely agree on the aesthetics aspect; that's another reason I'm kind of glad *gasp* 😉 GR is ending, because the other options look SO much better!! I'm glad people are finding new (and even better) options!

  3. I really enjoy Bloglovin'! I used to use it but I switched over to GR a year or so ago. I returned to Bloglovin' following the announcement about GR, and I love it even more now!

    • It is really neat! I wish I'd known about it all along but I'm grateful that Hannah shared it with me when she did. I was SO STRESSED with Google Reader because for some reason it kept deleting blogs from my reader. So far, I haven't had any problems at all with Bloglovin. Love it.

    • I hope you like it and that it works out well for you, Kat! I love it a ton and have been using it a while. And I think that because I was using it for awhile I wasn't stressed or upset when GReader made their big announcement.

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