How Bout a Summer Series Challenge?

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Man, I love a good series! 

And there are so many that I haven’t read! 
I’m not necessarily bothered with being in the middle of a ton of series, 
but I just LOVE reading a story that goes on for a looong time. 

When blogging buddies LaurenHeather, and I 
started tossing around an idea for a #serieschallenge, 

It’s a great opportunity because it will mean different things to different people.
Plus, HELLO, the most obvious part is that it sounds fun, right?


Hosted by Lauren @ Love is not a triangle
Heather @ The Flyleaf Review
Asheley @ Into the Hall of Books

The Summer Series Challenge is a chance for us to take three months to finish series that we’ve already started OR finally start that series that is now completed. If you’re like me, you may want to challenge yourself to tackle these series by reading the books back-to-back. EEK!

Series Challenge Objectives 
  1. Complete finished series that you’ve started but have not finished.  
  2. Read a finished series in its entirety. 

NOTE: This challenge is individualized and should be fun! You set and monitor your own goals, though we will be posting reminders, helpful topics, and discussion posts along the way. Plus there’s the #serieschallenge hashtag – we’d love to see everyone using it to encourage each other and talk about progress, etc. 


1) The Summer Series Challenge begins June 1, 2013 and ends August 31, 2013. This means that books must be started and completed withing that time frame to be counted for this challenge. Audiobooks DO count for this challenge. 

2) Anyone can join the challenge, but you need to have some place that you can publish reviews in English – a blog, Goodreads, Amazon etc. for your reading to be counted towards the giveaways.

3) Although there are no genre restrictions on the books you choose, they have to be part of a series. That means no standalones.

4) Series that are made up of linked single books/companion series will be counted. For instance Miranda Kenneally’s Hundred Oak’s seriesCharles Sheehan-Miles Thompson Sisters series, or Simone Elkeles’ Perfect Chemistry series are fine.

5)  The purpose of this challenge is to encourage readers to finish completed series. That means the series you choose need to be fully published. You cannot count debut series that only have one book released.* 

*However, we will make an exception for longer series that have at least 3 books published.  For instance, Megan Whalen Turner’s Queen’s Thief series has 4 books released though 6 are planned, so those books would count. 

How can you prepare for the fun?

  • Make a list of all the series that you’ve started but have yet to complete. Highlight the ones with books that have already released. 
  • Make a list of series that you haven’t started yet. See Lauren’s list HERE. 
  • Grab our button:

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Hosted by Lauren @ Love is not a triangle, Heather @ The Flyleaf Review and Asheley @ Into the Hall of Books  

Follow our blogs for more information to come, 
including information about a sign-up post with tentative goals! 
It’s gonna be fun, you guys. 

*Note: You only need to sign up on one of our blogs to participate – you’ll be entered on the linky on each blog! 

If you don’t have a blog, link to your Goodreads page or wherever you usually post reviews. 


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