I Wanna Stay Home & Read THESE Books…

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I’d Skip Anything & Everything
To Stay Home To Read
These Books/Series

These are in no specific order, you guys! 

Arson by Estevan Vega
Ashes by Estevan Vega 
The Forsaken by Estevan Vega

Estevan is on my instant-read list. That means if he writes it, I’ll read it. Period.
I’m reading Ashes right now and HOLY BATMAN, you guys
I’m having to make myself read it slowly so I won’t miss the good stuff. 
If you love thrillers, you need to be a fan of Estevan Vega. 
He’s legit and these are solid recommends. 

A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick
Heading Out to Wonderful by Robert Goolrick 

Robert Goolrick is another of my instant-read authors. 
I LOVED A Reliable Wife. So, so much. 
When my copy of Heading Out to Wonderful gets here, I will ignore you all. 
That is a promise. 


American Gods by Neil Gaiman

I’m reading this now. Slowly. It is so doggone amazing, I can barely handle it. 
About two-thirds through, I’m CERTAIN that this will be one of my favorite books EVER. 

The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

I’m listening to this book now. I don’t even have words suitable for my love for it. 

Plus it is read by the amazing Nick Podehl. His voice is LIKE BUTTER
I could curl up in a ball and listen to Nick read Pat’s words for the full 28 hours straight
and not be bothered at all by this. Not at all. Have mercy…both the story and that voice.


The Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne
Hounded, Hexed, Hammered, and Tricked
(also Trapped and Hunted out soon)

Soon. Very soon. I’m working on it. 
I mean, LOOK AT THOSE COVERS you guys. Gah.


The Chaos Walking Trilogy (will make almost all of my lists)
The Knife of  Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness
The Ask and The Answer by Patrick Ness
Monsters of Men by Patrick Ness

This gal is a ridiculous Patrick Ness fan girl. That is all. 

Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller
Through Painted Deserts by Donald Miller

I looooove Donald Miller. I’ve read Blue Like Jazz four times. 
I own three copies of the book because I hand it out like candy. 
Yeah. I’d stay home all day to re-read his books. Total fangirl. 
(plus these books are so fun and discussable over chips & salsa)
Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry
Dust & Decay by Jonathan Maberry
Flesh & Bone by Jonathan Maberry

Zombie books with awesome covers? Yes, please. 
I’ve read one Maberry book and loved it. 
I need to catch up PRONTO.

(author name links to Goodreads)

OF COURSE I’d play hooky to read these books. 
You probably would too. Duh. 


Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry
The Dragon Factory by Jonathan Maberry
The King of Plagues by Jonathan Maberry
Assassin’s Code by Jonathan Maberry

While I’m catching up on the above-listed Maberry books, 
I figured I’d play hooky with these too. 
I’m SO FAR BEHIND on his stuff. 


(author name links to Goodreads)

I need to catch up on these too. 
Um, because I loved the first one. Yes. 

I think I went over by a longshot. 
Oh well! It’s MY list.
There are plenty of others that I didn’t mention. 

What’s on your list? 
Did I leave something off 
that I should’ve included?


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41 responses to “I Wanna Stay Home & Read THESE Books…

    • YES YES YES Heading Out to Wonderful makes me jump with joy! I am a HUGE Goolrick fan. It's ridiculous. I love A Reliable Wife so much and think the covers they've chosen for that book misrepresent it. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it. I want to read it again before Wonderful gets to me…then when Wonderful gets here I'll probably hug it and carry it around like a child carries a new toy around after Christmas or a birthday. Not joking.

  1. BARRONS AND THE BROTHERS ALL IN ONE POST!!! YESSSSSSSSSS! I love all of those boys something fierce. I'm both really excited and very nervous for Tohr's book, she's so good at ripping my heart out each time I read. I will definitely be making a trip to the bookstore today for that one though:)

  2. I totally have a box set of the Black Dagger books and if you liked them then YES I need to read them like yesterday.

    Nick Poedhl!
    Did you know that he not only narrates Name of the Wind BUT ALSO THE CHAOS WALKING BOOKS. So if you ever plan to re-read, I bet you'd love the audiobook route.


      Nick Podehl is like butter. B-U-T-T-E-R. (And Kvothe is the best thing ever.) Yeah, I saw that Nick reads Chaos Walking. He also does Will Grayson, Will Grayson, which I'll be listening to very soon.

  3. Firstly, American Gods totally made my list too! Also, Chaos Walking AND Name of the Wind – seriously some of my all-time faves! Lastly, I was JUST talking about Blue Like Jazz with one of my friends and how we were both DYING to read it! Now that I know it's one of your faves it has shot up to the top of my TBR!

    Fantastic list 🙂

  4. OMG YES! I can't believe you're just now reading American Gods either, but I'm so glad that you are savoring and loving it. It IS one of my all time favorite reads, and I really want to make time to reread it soon myself. I LOVE Name of the Wind, I've read it twice already, and will probably do it again when the third ones come out because I love them so. I'm sure you'll like Wise Man's Fear as well…probably my favorite epic fantasy series ever.

    • I can ABSOLUTELY see why the Rothfuss books are among your favorite epic fantasies ever. I'm almost halfway thru The Name of the Wind and while I'm going slow, sometimes I think I'm going too slow and other times I think I'm going too fast. I am such a dork. I want to hurry up and KNOW the story yet I don't want it to end. I <3 Kvothe so much!

      And American Gods, oh gracious. I have no words. None. Just love.

  5. You have some crazy, creepy covers on your booklist! Especially the Jonathan Maberry and Estevan Vega books … I will sleep with the light on tonight! 🙂

    Great books … I haven't heard of a lot of these — I'll definitely be adding some to my list! I've been meaning to read American Gods forever. The funny thing is that I claim to be such a huge Neil Gaiman fan, yet there is so much of his work that I've yet to read. I'll have to get on that!

    Happy reading!

    • Oh my the Estevan Vega books are AMAZING. I just finished ASHES just a few minutes ago. Don't let the covers scare you – they're completely cohesive to the books! I highly highly recommend them.

      And I'm LOVING American Gods. I knew I'd love it, I just didn't realize how much I'd love it. It's SO SO good.

    • Arson and Ashes are two of my favorite books ever. I've just finished Ashes a couple of minutes ago and I can't believe how amazing it was – it actually surpassed Arson to me, and I LOVED Arson. I highly highly recommend Estevan Vega's work – he's extremely talented and I'm a huge, huge fan.

  6. I haven't actually read any off your list, but there's so many that I want to! I can't wait to get Arson, I've heard it's a great book!

    Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  7. Whew! This is a killer list. I've been meaning to read American Gods ever since I finished Anansi Boys, which ironically, is meant to be a sequel of sorts, I think. But Neil Gaiman is an ANIMAL of awesome stories.
    The Name of the Wind…I've had this book on my shelf since it came out and I keep forgetting it's there. NEEDS TO CHANGE. Same with the Darkfever books, except I don't own those.

  8. I suppose I should read Rot & Ruin. I'm not sure how I haven't read it before since I adore zombies.
    Also, you should read Warm Bodies if zombies are your thing. For reals :]

  9. OHHHH Epe—so many of your books listed I loved too….The Ness series was so good and I just finished Hounded, the audio was really great….

    Im dying to read The Fever Series, its on my summer series list and I adored Blue Like Jazz….did you know there making a movie out of it???? Donald Miller kind of sums up how I feel about Christianity….:)LOL- girl if we lived closer we could totally go out for chips and salsa and discuss his genius….

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