Let’s Talk: On A Few of the Blogs I Love

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Hosted by the lovely Melissa at
I Swim For Oceans
What are some of your favorite book blogs, and what makes you continue going back to them time and again? 

This is always such a scary question to answer 
because I really, really love a ton of blogs
and I hate to leave people out! 

No particular order

Magan and Estelle (aka ReadingGals) are co-bloggers here and I LOVE IT. They are similar and yet very different and I love what they both bring to the table. This blog is one that I could spend hours playing around on and almost every time I read about a book they’ve read, I want to clear my schedule and just GET THE BOOK NOW. Plus, these two girls are just plain lovely which is always something special. ALWAYS. 

Hannah reads a really great mixture of adult fiction and YA and nonfiction and discussion, so I really never know what I’m going to get when I visit her blog. It’s awesome. Plus she is one of the BEST BOOK DISCUSSERS EVER. That’s one of my favorite things about the book community – taking it away from the blogs and actually talking about the books. I often find myself reading a ton of her blog posts in one sitting, probably setting off all sorts of crazy notifications on Hannah’s computer or phone – sorry, Hannah! Great, great blog. Love it. Love this gal. 

ps) She annihilates my to-read list, which I love. 

Lauren is one of the smartest bloggers I know. She thinks so critically about the books she is reading and is able to put things together that I would never think about when I read a book – that’s one of the things I love about reading her blog posts. Where I read books almost on a surface level, she really thinks about them – and reading her thoughts makes me go back and think too. PLUS, as a great discusser, she challenges me to think as I read something she may have already read. This gal has changed the way that I read and I think about books, and that’s pretty cool. Love it. Fantastic blog. 

Heather reads very similarly to me, and I love that. We read similar books, we have similar taste in books (I think), and we think similarly when we are reading. The thing I love about Heather’s blog is that she writes nice long reviews so I’m able to get a really great sense of whether or not I’ll want to read a book when I visit and read about it. I know that I write a novel-length blog post almost every time. Heather writes long reviews too, but hers are so much better and more informative and I just love that about her blog. Also, because she and I are so similar in style, she gives me fabulous recommendations. If she says that I’ll like it, I feel pretty sure that I will. 

Oh Melissa, I couldn’t be happier that you’re blogging again! 
This blog is one that I love because, again, I think Melissa and I read quite similarly. Somehow Melissa is able to write reviews that are concise and to the point but give me exactly the amount of information that I need to decide on whether I want to read the book or not. I love the honesty Melissa includes because I feel like she writes directly to me and everyone else gets to peep in at a private conversation, which is not the actual case at all. ALSO, Melissa has read so many books that I haven’t read yet – I could just crawl into her blog and find a wealth of new titles that could keep me busy for ages and ages and ages and I just know they’d be perfect for ME. 

I love this blog so much BUT to love this blog, you have to be very patient because Adam only writes when he wants to. WHICH IS AWESOME AND WE SHOULD ALL BE MORE LIKE THAT because everyone would have less blogger burnout. I promise: if you can be patient and wait, it’s worth it. 
A short list
1. I have snorted coffee through my nose often when reading here.  
2. He has a great Friday feature that he does when he feels like it. 
3. Hello! male bloggers are good for a differing perspectives on all things. 


What are some of your favorite blogs? 
I love blog recommendations! 

Let’s Talk is a weekly feature over at I Swim For Oceans – make your own post and link up over on Melissa’s blog! Everyone loves discussion posts, right? She makes it easy by basically giving us a topic every week.  


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You can find her somewhere in North Carolina, daydreaming about the ocean.

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28 responses to “Let’s Talk: On A Few of the Blogs I Love

  1. I really, really enjoy these type of posts, Ash (and not just because I made your list!;) Do you know that I discovered YOUR blog when April at Good Books and Good Wine featured it a while back? I am SO THANKFUL that I did. I love chatting up books, music and LIFE with you! I love all your quirks and your wordy reviews (girl after my own heart.) And I love all the other blogs and bloggers that I in turn have discovered through you! Had I not done the Outlander readalong that you co-hosted last year I never would have met Lauren, then I never would have met Keertana, and so on and so on!

    This community is the BEST. <3 this post. <3 you :))

    • This is a really great community, I agree, and it's so neat how one blog leads to another blog, and so on. So glad to have found you too because I love that we not only have books in common but music and movies as well! xo

    • Tanya your blog is one of the best and most well-put-together I've ever seen. It's just such a colorful and lovely place to be and I love that you feature audiobooks so heavily and are so original in your content. I love your blog!

  2. Amy

    These are all SUCH great blogs! It's so wonderful to be able to have a variety of different blogs with different vibes and formats, too. It helps to suit my moods and expand on my own thoughts.
    Great list, Asheley!!

    • Melissa you make my heart pitter-patter. It's true. I love the things you say about books and how you are honest and how comfortable I feel reading about whatever you're writing about. LOVE YOUR BLOG, LOVE THAT YOU'RE BACK, at least for now. Whatever you do, however long you're back, I support you 100%!

  3. Love you list! Some of them I've seen and followed, but others are completely new to me! Of course, you have to love Adam's posts. So much personality packed into each one 🙂

    I'm always like you though, in the end I'm afraid to talk about my favorite blogs because I don't want to hurt feelings. For me, my favorites usually are more to do with discussion posts in general rather than reviews, but that's just because I usually only like reading reviews for books I've already read! I know, I'm crazy 😉

    • Yes, Adam definitely has a ton of personality. I love his blog to pieces.

      I definitely felt a little odd putting up this post because there are several other blogs that I frequent on a regular basis that I just adore, and for different reasons – all deserving recognition. I almost with there were a second part to this discussion post so I could recognize them too. Unfortunately to put them all on one post would make it too long, and even then I'd feel like I would be leaving someone out.

  4. I love most of the bloggers you've included up there, but particularly Magan & Estelle. They're amazing people, great bloggers + such good friends. I love that their blog always manages to stand out for me!

    • Magan and Estelle are just good, stand-up people first of all, and their blog is one that I could spend hours on. I just adore them and the work they put into making their little space on the internet SO GOOD. And the books they read always appeal to me. You're right, it definitely does stand out – plus it's so cute!

  5. " I feel like she writes directly to me and everyone else gets to peep in at a private conversation, which is not the actual case at all. " I feel the same way about Melissa! Lol.

    I have just added a couple of great new blogs to my reader!

  6. You are so sweet. Thank you so much for the love. Magan and I appreciate it so much and we are so happy that this being a part of this community put us in touch with you!

  7. Love you too darling! I think many of these I found because of YOU, so thank you for that. I can't believe how this blogging community has brought me so many close friends. I feel blessed to be part of it. Thanks for always being willing to talk books with me. xo

    • Of course! I'm so glad you decided to start blogging, actually! I remember the days from before you were blogging and it seems like forever ago. LOVE you being a part of this community – it's really fantastic. ALWAYS willing to talk books. Also so glad I got to meet you recently. Such a great thing. So happy. xo

    • That's great! I have quite a few that I really enjoy and it is hard to not put everyone in a post, but all of these are really great and I hope you enjoy all of the new ones you have found and added! I love your blog as well and I love the way you read such a wide range of books. 🙂

    • I absolutely adore Rather Be Reading – I have to block some serious time before I go to that blog because I love to read their posts slow and absorb all that they have to say. I usually end up reading a lot of the books that they blog on or at least adding them to my to-read list. Plus they're just great, great people. These other blogs are great too, and just great people. Hope you find some you like!

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  9. Oh man, lady! I think I'm blushing still 🙂 First of all, I'm the total loser who read this post months ago, felt so flattered and loved on that I wanted to hug you through the computer AND THEN NEVER TOLD YOU. Gosh, I'm like a bad YA boy. I have THE FEELINGS but I just can't express them. Anyway, the love is so mutual and I cannot thank you enough for loving on me and my blog! You were one of my first "off blog" friends, and I have so loved getting to know you better. Seriously, you make blogging so much more fun! And I hope I'm setting off all kinds of notifications tonight with my commenting annihilation. Because yes, I think that's what is going on right now.

    I must also thank you because YOU introduced me to blogs #2-5 – all of which I now love. I spend so much time on Heather and Lauren's blogs, and have recently fallen in love with Melissa's, so thanks for always pointing me in the right direction online! And obviously, I love Magan & Estelle. Those ladies are total rockstars!

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