Let’s Talk…On Book-to-Film vs. Book-to-TV

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I’m so excited that Melissa at i swim for oceans likes discussion posts because sometimes I get chatty and have things to say. What’s up, Melissa?? Let’s Talk. 

This week’s question:

Do you prefer book to film
or book to TV adaptations?


That’s a really good question and actually quite easy for me. I don’t really know of very many book-to-TV adaptations because I don’t watch a lot of television. So that sort of throws that choice out the window. I tend to watch book-to-movie adaptations here and there, and while they’re hit-or-miss for me – I do think I enjoy them for the most part.

I have enjoyed some of these adaptations like The Road by Cormac McCarthy (so good!) and The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, but I have to admit that I’m even more excited about upcoming adaptations like The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien.


I will say…regarding the book-to-TV issue: there is one book-to-TV show that I do watch. I’m a bit late getting to it but thankfully Netflix has my back. I haven’t read the books and I’m not sure I plan to read this particular series. But I am tore-up-from-the-floor-up in love with everything Salvatore. That’s right: I’m all about The Vampire Diaries. Don’t go spoiling it for me, now. I’ve only just finished with Season One; I haven’t yet started Season Two yet. But wowza! Yes and yes, please and thank you. Who cares about the books? Not this girl.

(I’m kidding. I care about pretty much all books.)



What about all of you? 

Do you prefer movie adaptations or TV adaptations?
What are some of your favorites?

Let’s Talk about this! 


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17 responses to “Let’s Talk…On Book-to-Film vs. Book-to-TV

  1. Good question! I think that book adaptations can be really hit or miss. For me, a lot of whether I will enjoy a movie based on a book, or not, has to do with when I read the book in relation to seeing the film. I have to give myself several months at least between reading a book and seeing a movie based on it. Otherwise I compare them too much. And, it's best for me to think of them a separate entities. My guilty pleasure in book to movie adaptations is Harry Potter. I can watch any of those movies at any time, and I LOVE them all. I have no idea why that is.

    I don't watch a ton of TV either, so I don't know a lot of those adaptations either. Anything that goes on and on with no resolution in sight, is difficult for me to stick to. Especially, when it gets to later seasons in TV shows an the writers just add in crazy stuff to keep the story interesting. I tried to watch TVD, but it got to be too much drama for me – Plus you know how I adore a love triangle ;).

    BUT my favorite adaptations are the BBC's book to mini-series productions. The longer the better on those I say. They tend to stick pretty close to the book, and some are very well done. My favorites are Dickens's Bleak House (it's about 9 hours) and Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South. BOTH are excellent, and are so close to the books that I would tell people to watch them instead of reading if they didn't think they could get through the novels. The stories are that good and worth experiencing in whatever form available. Actually I think I saw those series before I read the books, and still I love both forms of the stories.

    • NOTE: I actually don't know what happens in TVD, I'm just assuming that a show starring two guys and one girl gets triangle-y. I think I stopped watching somewhere in the first season.

    • I haven't seen the Harry Potter movies. !!!

      I love The Vampire Diaries so much, such mindless entertainment and easy on the eyes. The only other show I'm watching it Battlestar Galactica, which is NOT mindless. There is some effort involved with that one. Those BBC shows, I've never tried watching any of them because I have a hard time understanding what they're saying and Netflix doesn't do subtitles. Or if they do, I haven't figured out how to make them appear.

      And yes, I'm anticipating a love triangle coming up. I know how you feel about that. 🙂
      Me, I don't mind so much. I think both brothers are yummy. I was firm with one before, but now, I waver!

    • YOU HAVEN'T SEEN ANY HARRY POTTER MOVIE???? SERIOUSLY? This comment deserves ALL CAPS!! Why not? And have you read the books? Please say yes!

    • Wow. Well I'm really curious now! I know your son has started the series, so I'm assuming that you've read it…but if not, than that must be a conscious choice. As would be the one NOT to see any of the movies. I'm eagerly awaiting your reply.

    • I started the series a few years back and loved it. Read straight thru. Made it to about 1/3 thru book five and was like OH MY GRACIOUS I NEED A HARRY POTTER BREAK I CANNOT DO THIS ANYMORE I'M BORED WITH HARRY POTTER WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME I'M SUCH A LOSER. I've not picked them back up yet.

      1. This is why I DO NOT read series books back-to-back anymore (unless I cannot help it, such as in the case of Iron Fey – I will occasionally make special allowances, but only for short series). I got BURNT OUT on Harry Potter, which is UNHEARD OF and I should be ashamed forever.

      2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Harry Potter, all of the characters (Neville, I love you!) and I think that I am Hermione in some ways. (so is one of my girls, even more than me). I have MAD LOVE for the series, I just haven't picked it back up yet. I even own the books and a second copy of books 1-4 because there are so many of us in the house reading them at one time we're fighting over them, and we're still having to use the library for additional copies.

      3. In terms of the movies, I was told to wait until I've finished the series to watch the movies. I fully intend on doing this. Jack just finished book one, Layla has finished book two but isn't ready to start book three yet because she's reading other stuff, and Greta is reading book four while simultaneously reading the Eragon series. Bless her, my little Hermione. So the only movie I've ever let them watch is movie #1 because that's the only book they've all finished. When Jack finishes book two, they can watch movie #2. (Sounds awful, but it keeps it really exciting, I promise.) I've kept this house VERY sheltered where HP is concerned. We basically know NOTHING about it beyond what each of us is read. Myself – I haven't seen the entire movie #1, only bits and pieces when I'm walking through the room cleaning, etc. They all get frustrated with me, but as potentially the most magical series ever for kids and big kids (us), I think it well worth it not to have movie spoilers before the books. But I'm a HUGE RAVING GEEK about this kind of thing.

      I have since listened to books one and two again via audio, so I need to restart with book three and move forward. I love HP, I really do. I just messed up when I tried to read straight thru. This is why I am ADAMANT about the big books and the time in between. Otherwise, I'd be all over the second Patrick Rothfuss book right now.

      *hides face* *don't judge*

    • Okay there is NOTHING weird about this! I only wish that you'd started reading the series before all seven were all out, because I had to wait YEARS to get the latter ones. And it was agony. You would have liked this. I hope you are able to pick them up again soon! And LOVE them. I they are also some of my FAVORITE audio books as well.

      The only thing I don't understand is why you're supposed to read ALL the books before you see ANY of the movies? I don't get how the first movies would spoil your enjoyment of the later books. Maybe because I watched them as I went along. I'm actually interested in the person's argument as to why this is essential/important? I'm actually GLAD that I saw the movies over a period of time, because they are all so different – only the first two share a director – that I like to think of them as separate entities. I agree that you shouldn't watch any of the movies of books you haven't read, but I wouldn't see a problem with you watching 1-4 (actually, I'd encourage it). But that is just my opinion.

  2. Amy

    HAHA. Tore up from the floor up. I love you and all your Asheley-isms. Seriously, TVD is one of my favorite shows right now. It continues to get better/crazier/more dramatic, etc. It's INSANE. I can't wait to see what you think of the rest of the show!

  3. I am so excited about seeing Gatsby and The Hobbit too! I got hooked on hooked on The Vampire Diaries through Netflix a few months ago:)

    • I can't wait for Gatsby, it looks SO GOOD. It's one of my favorite classics anyway, so I'm super excited. I liked the original movie but this one just looks WAY BETTER. And OF COURSE The Hobbit. OF COURSE.

      I don't even know what else to say about The Vampire Diaries except for YUMMY. Hehe

  4. Oh, Vampire Diaries :] Never read the books, but I love the show. Especially the Damon part of the show ;] Although, Husband seems to be a fan of the other brother 😛

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