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I’m so excited that Melissa at i swim for oceans likes discussion posts because sometimes I get chatty and have things to say. What’s up, Melissa?? Let’s Talk. 

This week’s question:

What are your top three favorite book series and why?

Oh good grief! Only three?
The Iron Fey Series by Julie Kagawa
The Iron King
Winter’s Passage
The Iron Daughter
The Iron Queen
Summer’s Crossing
The Iron Knight
If you know anything about me at all, you know that Julie Kagawa is on my instant-read list. Meaning: if she writes it, I will read it, period. That is because of this series. I fell so hard for the world she created, the Nevernever, and the characters she put there. I have to admit that I’m a little nervous about the upcoming spinoff series, but I am die-hard fangirl #1 about the original Iron Fey series.
Prince Ash forever, you guys.

The Chaos Walking Trilogy by Patrick Ness
The Knife of Never Letting Go
The Ask and The Answer
Monsters of Men
Since I read this series the first time, I knew – I knew – that I would love it forever. I have never before read a series that gripped my heart so tightly and refused to let go throughout every single scene. Every word is placed perfectly and every scene has a purpose. This story is so brilliantly executed and the characters are so three-dimensional, so incredibly developed, that you think of them as if they are real people. In fact, you can’t tell exactly what your feelings are for the villain,
even when you know might be unredeemable.

Patrick Ness is the king of manipulating emotions, but he does it in the most perfect of ways with this series. Although I can’t quite put my finger on it to tell you exactly how, I was a different person after I read these books. I cannot wait to re-read them, and then re-read them again.

His Dark Materials Trilogy by Philip Pullman
The Golden Compass
The Subtle Knife
The Amber Spyglass

I’m not sure this series requires any explanation. The worlds that Philip Pullman created in this series are beyond anything my imagination could ever dream. With perfect examples of alternate universes and parallel worlds, I can get lost in these books quicker than any other books I know. I adore these characters, I adore the lands, I adore the story, and I don’t really know what else to say about these books. They fascinate me, they captivate me,
and they are the very reason that I love to read.

Also: I want a friend like Iorek Byrnison the bear.


The Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne 
Tricked (not pictured)
Trapped (not pictured) 

I know we’re only supposed to give three favorite series (which is hard enough) but I can’t stand to finish this blog post without giving a shout-out to the Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne. Why? Because I’ve only read the first book, Hounded, so far. BUT…I loved it enough that I’m pretty certain it will be on my most-loved-series list pretty soon. This is possibly the best Urban Fantasy series I’ve read – and certainly the most fun. I don’t really think it fair to give it a Top 3 spot based on just the first book, but you guys can certainly be on the lookout for this one in my highlights as I read further into these books. The first one was ridiculously enjoyable and I recommend it to EVERYONE.


What about you guys?

What are your favorite series? 


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24 responses to “Let’s Talk…on Three of My Favorite Book Series

    • Chaos Walking is one I think you'd like. It's dark and gripping, and OH MY GOODNESS it's so good. OF COURSE I think you should read it. Plus it's completed. There's always something great about reading a finished series.

      I plan to read it a million times, seriously.

  1. Such great choices! I still have Chaos Walking on my list, and hope to get to it soon! I'll let you know. I've now added the Iron Druid Chronicles to my TBR and can't wait to get to those as well.

    Ugh. I was totally going to do one of these, but forgot. Maybe I'll do it late if I can find a free moment amidst the chaos. By the end of the day is still Friday, right? I wanted to pick 3 that I loved that aren't the "norm." Anyway, great question and answers.

    • YES! I've done it later in the day and I think I've added it on Saturday once. Do it!! If you click on the word "here" under the picture it'll take you to where you link up or go to I Swim for Oceans. I love Let's Talk.

      You will LOVE Iron Druid Chronicles. I know it just based off of the first book. It's so much fun. And now that you've read emotional books like Outlander and Daughter of the Forest (I'm about 2/3 thru!!) I feel like you can certainly handle Chaos Walking, for sure. It's those characters, though, that just pull your heartstrings. Or at least they did mine. But then again – when I spend a lot of time reading books, I become very attached.

  2. Oh! I love His Dark Materials. I'm due for a reread, but I remember that the first time I read it, I LOVED it.

    I really should read The Iron Fey series…

  3. Oh yes, love the Iron Fey books Asheley! And I've heard nothing but amazing things about the Iron Druid books, I need to read those. I have book one but, because I suck at life, I haven't picked it up yet. *head desk* Must meet Atticus and Oberon:)

  4. I love His Dark Materials trilogy! The world-building is so amazing, as is the characterization. I think Will and Lyra have one of the best tragic YA romances ever. And Philip Pullman gets major props in my mind for creating such an inventive and original retelling of the Biblical Fall of Man. It's just such a cool new way to explore such a concept!

    I have not read the Chaos Walking trilogy yet, but I keep hearing good things about it. I really should check those out.

  5. I hate to admit but…I haven't read any of these series yet. Heard FABULOUS things about all four and The Chaos Walking Trilogy really interests me.

    So many series, so little time!

    • True, so many series – so little time!

      These are all so great. Really, I have so many series that I'm fond of. But these are over and over the ones that I recommend to people the most. I just ADORE them like a madwoman!

  6. You are so making my reading list longer! I'm reading The Iron King now, and really liking it so far. And I've read book 1 from The Chaos Walking trilogy, and hope to get to the other 2 books soon.

    • Oh YAY!! I'll have to check out whether or not you're reading the Iron King via audio or print. I've heard the reader for the audio is one of my favorites…And I KNOW that I love the audio reader for the Chaos Walking books, or at least The Knife. I think they do full-cast for the others. I've only read these series in print so far, but I plan to re-read Iron Fey and Chaos Walking via audio. They're just so good. I'm so glad you're enjoying them!


      The reward is THERE for making it through The Ask and The Answer. And then pushing through Monsters of Men. Trust me. I was scared of them, but Lisa helped me and WOW what a great decision. Just the most well-crafted series probably EVER. WOW. You can do it! One day. 🙂

  7. I COMPLETELY agree with the Iron Druid Chronicles being AWESOME! It is probably BY FAR my favorite series of all time! I haven't read any of the Iron Fey series yet, but it's on my list. I've not heard of Chaos Walking (yes, I know, what rock have I been living under?).

    I also enjoy the Stephanie Plum books, and just started the Serge Storms series by Tim Dorsey.

    • Oh my goodness, Richard. I got the Iron Druid Chronicles because of your review on Hounded. I read the first book with a cheesy grin on my face. I can't believe how much I loved it but I have to admit that I agree that it's can be a dude's book…but I don't know any gal that has read it that didn't like it!

      After I finish the print in the series, I want to go back and re-read via audio. I've heard so many OTHER people AFTER you saying the same things as you – about how they enjoyed the audio. (If I remember correctly, you did audio. If I remember incorrectly, it's because it's after my bedtime. HAHA)

      THANKS SO MUCH for that recommend via your blog. Seriously. It's at the top/way close to the top of my favorite of the year so far. It's not going anywhere either.

  8. The Iron Fey series is def one of my faves, I have the first book of the Walking chaos series but haven't read it yet, I'll have to check the others out!
    Some of my favorite series are Harry Potter, The Princess Diaries, the Shifters series by Rachel Vincent, The Infernal Devices, Vampire Academy, Black Dagger brotherhood and oh so many more 🙂

    • Oh I really need to read some Rachel Vincent! I see her name all the time! And I beat myself up almost daily because I have yet to start Vampire Academy. SOON.

      And YES, I need to start adding Black Dagger Brotherhood. I want to start re-reading them soon. I LOVE those books so much.

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