The evolution of my reading habits: LAZY READER EDITION. {3}

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In previous posts about how my reading has recently changed, I have discussed how I have begun to read series straight-thru and that I fear series endings much less than I used to. I’ve also discussed that I’m reading more Middle Grade than I have in years now that I’m homeschooling, which is awesome since I LOVE books for children. 


Here is another way my reading routine has changed lately:

A Long Time Ago: I used to be an 
“I Pledge To Read The Printed Word” reader.

Then: I got my first Kindle and began to change my thoughts on that because clicking made buying and library-loaning SO easy sometimes. YES!  

Now: I have developed a habit that seems a bit lazy. 

Let me explain, please. 

Do you see the book above, on the left? I’ve been reading that series for a while now (since August 1!). Now I’m reading the final book and I can’t wait to share my thoughts on the entire series with everyone! This series is FILLED with details and are typically the types of books that I want to read mainly at night, in my bed, when I have time to concentrate on what I’m reading. 

In the evenings, I have fewer interruptions. My house is quiet and I really enjoy ending my day by reading.  


I’m usually reading in the bed. And I’m really tired (and so are my arms, I won’t lie). It feels so fantastic to finally settle down, comfortably, and pick up my book! But then…MAN OH MAN, that extremely light Kindle beside me starts looking really good. And so un-heavy

…so down goes my big heavy chunky book that I’m loving so much, 
and I pick up the Kindle because it is so. much. easier. 


For the longest time, I would pick up this series in the evening but then put it back down almost immediately because the books are BIG. HEAVY. CHUNKY. 

I have NEVER had a problem with big, heavy, chunky books – I still don’t! But with this series, because of all of the detail and because I’ve LOVED reading sentences and paragraphs over and over to soak in all of the words, reading these print copies has become a chore. 

(Did I just say that? Oh my, I did.)


I put myself on the wait list at BOTH of my library systems for the ebook copy, to see how quickly I could get it on my Kindle. I waited for ages and ages, and then it finally arrived onto my Kindle just a couple of days ago. 

I ACTUALLY SQUEALED. I really, truly did. 


I sent back the big heavy chunkster print copy because I’m actually reading the Kindle copy much quicker and with a smile! It’s SO EASY to read this book on my Kindle that I plan to finally finish the book pretty soon. FINALLY. Because it is easier and less heavy at nighttime when I’m reading it in my bed. 


I am not sorry, actually. 


I will NOT do this for all books. 
But there has been a shift in my preference in print copies vs digital copies for chunky books simply because I’m so exhausted at night that I can read more and better during my favorite reading time of the day if the book weighs less. 
Maybe it should feel ridiculous to admit that, but it doesn’t. 

Isn’t the point of reading to enjoy it? YES.

In this very busy season of my life, if I have to be a lazy reader to keep reading, 
I fully embrace this form of lazy. 


Have you ever had a LAZY reading habit?


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17 responses to “The evolution of my reading habits: LAZY READER EDITION. {3}

  1. Don't be sorry! I do a lot of library borrowing of books I have on audio so I can flip between the two formats depending on what I am doing. 🙂 I love DH and that series just made me *SWOON*

    • The series is so fantastic AND HEAVY!! I love audio + Kindle – it's my favorite way to read lately because it's just so easy. I won't lie. And yes, the switching back and forth! Love that!

  2. I know this exact feeling — I did this for the first two Game Of Thrones books. I started out reading the physical copies, but then I switched over to digital because those are some super heavy books. I would say instead of being lazy, it's more like having consideration for your wrist.

    • Oh my, this is funny that you mention this because I just grabbed the audio for GoT two days ago and you know how I like to read along with the audio? Well I have the nice but trade paperback but OMG it is so heavy and I know I will like reading that one at night too so I hate it for budgeting but if I'm going to get thru it there is a little possibility that I may look for it to go on sale for my Kindle. Winter IS coming and all, haha.

  3. YES!! Well, I actually go through phases where I want to read nothing but physical books, then I'll get into ebooks for a while. And I've been requesting more ebooks from the library too! And I MUCH prefer to receive egalleys nowadays. 🙂

  4. At first I loved paperbacks and thought I would never switch to an e-reader, the switch has been gradual, but nowadays I read most books on my e-reader. Like you said it's easy and some books are really heavy, especially those Deborah Harkness books, even in paperback they are way to hevay to read comfortable. It's also because most review copies are e-format.

    • Yes! Exactly this. I had a gradual switch too but I am in a bit of a ebook-loving phase right now. I love regular books too but it is so easy carrying my Kindle with me (and reading on my phone too).

  5. I do the same thing! OR, even more likely, I'll try to get longer books on audio. That's how I've been getting through a number of classics and non fiction that are really great, but I know I wouldn't have the fortitude to read in print.

  6. Aw, I wouldn't call yourself a lazy reader! Rather, you're someone who has found an innovative solution to potential reading troubles. I can't say I have the same issue while reading at night, since I tend to lie on my stomach with my books spine-down against the bed, but if I did hold them up I could see that being an issue. That's awesome you found a solution that works for you!

    • I love the way you've given this a great name – an innovate solution! That makes me feel awesome about it, actually. I tried lying on my stomach with the books spine-down a few times, but that didn't last as long when I settled in for the night.

  7. Honestly, there is absolutely no reason to feel guilty about preferring to read on your Kindle versus print books! Personally, I read using both formats and that all pretty much just depends on my mood at any given moment. I can totally see the logic in reading chunky books on a lightweight Kindle though!

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