Top Ten Rewind: Ten Books On My Wish-List!

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Top Ten Tuesday REWIND!

Today, I want to do a variation of an old favorite:
Ten Books I Hope Santa Brings
Except I’m calling it 

Ten Books On My Wish-List!

I’m actually not great at buying all of the books I want. 
I do a lot of shopping at second-hand stores and Goodwill
so much of my acquiring depends on what I find – 
which is a lot of fun. 
I also buy ebooks based on sales, which is a lot like 
Goodwill shopping, in a way. 

So I do have a wish-list for birthdays, holidays, giftcards, etc. 

1. Asunder by Jodi Meadows

I have a wonderful friend that is letting me borrow her copy
of this beautiful book since neither of my library systems currently 
carries it. But it clearly needs to sit on my shelf 
beside my beautiful copy of Incarnate.  


2. Days of Blood & Starlight by Laini Taylor
Okay, you guys, I actually have three copies of 
Daughter of Smoke & Bone, which is the first book in this series. 
So what is my problem? WHY haven’t I gotten this one yet? 

3. The Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa

I actually have a couple of these on my Kindle. 
I have one of them in audiobook. So I’m acquiring them in various formats. 
But I REALLY REALLY REALLY want print copies. So very badly. 


4. Rootless by Chris Howard

Some of you have heard it from me a million trillion times. 
I have the Kindle version and the audiobook version. 
But I want a print copy for my shelves! 
It is SO NICE to look at and the imaging on the inside is stellar. 
This book just has a great story and a fantastic look to it. 



5. The Name of the Wind & The Wise Man’s Fear
 by Patrick Rothfuss

I actually own the audiobooks for both. 
I’ve read the first book – it took me about six months. 
I loved it that much, to savor each word. 
BUT while I read it, I had it checked out of the library the entire time. 
YEP, totally need to OWN MY OWN COPIES. 
**Also, The Doors of Stone may come to my shelf too 
when it is published in 2025.**



by Leigh Bardugo

Seriously. These just need to leap onto my shelves because they are amazing
and I will re-read them forever. 
I also want Ruin and Rising when that comes out,
but who doesn’t?! 


7. Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier

I love this book so much for everything about it. 
It’s part of a larger series 
and I really need to own them all, but I’ve only read this one – so I’ll
settle for just getting the first book for now. 
Once I make it through the rest of the books, I’ll add them to the wish list!
Or maybe I’ll get lucky enough to get several at once. Who knows!?


8. Grave Mercy and Dark Triumph
 by Robin LaFevers

Oh, hello there, awesome books that do not live on my shelves yet!
Why don’t you guys just come on over and make yourselves at home?
And invite your buddy Mortal Heart when it’s available, m’kay?!


9. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

You guys, this may be one of my two favorite books EVER. 
And I do not own it in any format at all. 
That is lame. 


10. The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly

This is probably my other favorite book EVER. 
And I don’t own it in any format either. 
Ugh. Lame again.


Okay, well I’ve learned where my gift cards
need to go next time I get one.

What books are high up on your wish lists?

Have you read any of these??
Leave me your link so I can visit

and check out what you chose for a rewind topic today!


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46 responses to “Top Ten Rewind: Ten Books On My Wish-List!

    • Exactly the same here! I'd love to have them ALL in audiobook plus one format or another, but it'll probably end up that I'll eventually have them both in print and on my Kindle as well as audiobook (just like with Chaos Walking). My favorites tend to end up in all places so I can read them no matter what.

  1. Really great list!!! I'm bad about owning books in different formats except a pretty hard cover for my shelf! I actually pre-ordered Days of Blood and Starlight, super excited about it, and haven't read it yet! That's the one downside to me owning books; I never read them!

    • Sometimes I'm bad about reading the books that I pick up when I find a good deal at a used store or Goodwill, but in those cases I don't mind if the book sits there for a while because I'll eventually get to it. If I preorder a book, I usually go ahead and read it. But in cases like these, I've already read these on traveling arc tours or from the library and know that I want to keep re-reading them. I just need to go ahead and buy them.

  2. I love DAUGHTER OF THE FOREST! I've made it through the first trilogy and have all of the new Sevenwaters books in my TBR. Rothfuss is burning up my TBR as well (I found the first at a used bookstore and may have to replace it with a nice, new copy once I've read it considering how great everyone says it is!).

    • The Rothfuss is THE BEST. I ended up checking that book out of the library for the entire time I was reading it, which was almost six months, without ever turning it back in. I should've just bought it – don't know why I didn't! And I want to re-read it so I won't bother checking it out again, I'll just buy it if I can – same with the Sevenwaters books. I'm just so quick to grab it off the library shelf over and over and over!

  3. Asheley, I love that the bulk of books on your wish list are ones that you've already read (and in some cases own in another format) and absolutely love. YES!

    • Yep! I've already read all of these that have been published except for Asunder, which I'm currently reading! These are all ones that I've either received by NetGalley or borrowed either from people or from my beloved library. But I need them on my shelves because you know how much of a re-reader I am! Every single one of these books is near the top of my favorites list. 🙂

  4. What do you do with 3 copies of one book? Explain this to me! And I have not heard of number 10 and promptly added it to my TBR. It sounds lovely!

    • Well, there are only a few books that I have so many copies of…but like I have a hardback and a paperback and an audiobook for one book. And another trilogy I have the print copies, the ebooks copies, and the audiobook copies and since they've just come out with these amazing paperback copies I might get them too because they're my favorites. And sometimes I have extra copies for lending, like with books that I lend a lot but don't want to lose my own personal copy, so I can say to keep it if the person REALLY likes it or whatever. Also there's one book that I bought a copy, someone gifted me a copy, and my husband got me a copy because he didn't realize that I had a copy – but I just gave one of those away this past weekend.

      I think I have like four of five copies of American Gods too. But two of them aren't mine and that doesn't count the audiobook version. I know, it's crazy.

  5. The only book on here I've actually read and own is The Night Circus, and I agree – it's an amazing book. The images that book created in my mind still stick with me today. Just breathtaking! The others are ones that are actually on my wishlist as well, I just haven't read them yet! Great list 🙂

    My TTT

    • Oh The Night Circus is one of my absolute favorites and I just keep checking it out from the library over and over and over! Why do I keep doing this? It's out in paperback, even, so it is less expensive than a hardback. But yes, it is such a beautiful book. Love it so much!

  6. Seriously – all these books are on my reading list! Well, except for the Iron Fey series, which I read the 1st one and didn't like it that much. So substitute The Immortal Rules series also by Kagawa 🙂

    Tanya Patrice

    • You know Tanya, I can't remember if you've read The Immortal Rules book already or not, but I just finished The Eternity Cure (book two) and I think you'd definitely like that one. So if you haven't started that series, you should give it a try! It seems like more of a Tanya series than the Iron Fey books do! And YAY for the rest of these books. They're all among favorites that I've read but haven't added to my shelves yet!

  7. OMG, The Book of Lost Things was SOOOOO amazing, wasn't it?! I'm actually glad I read this before getting my Nook because the cover art is simply gorgeous. I'm also down for copies of Leigh Bardugo's series (I hear great things about both books) and Asunder (because the cover is so pretty). Great list, lady!

    • Thanks! YES The Book of Lost Things IS amazing. I can't believe it isn't more popular than it is but everytime I find someone that's read it, I do fist pumps because I feel like it's a club of sorts. SO GOOD. Also The Bardugo books are fantastic and Asunder is wonderful (I'm reading it now). I want them ALL on my shelves!

  8. I want copies of so many of these books too!! The entire Iron Fey series – I wonder if it's available as a set? I want the entire Grisha series too, like now! Oh and the Laini Taylor books too! And what is Rootless? Never heard of it! Will go check it out…

    • The Iron Fey books ARE available as a boxed set! I'd love to have it too 🙂 Aren't the Grisha covers pretty?

      ROOTLESS is one of my favorite books from last year – came out in November of 2012. Check it out, hope you like it! I love it, read it several times. 🙂

  9. I'm impressed that you buy most of your books used. I'm a sucker for sparkly new books that no one else has touched! Too bad they're so dang expensive. I should probably spend more time rescuing books from Goodwill, shouldn't I?

    • Oh I love looking around at Goodwill for used books that people have discarded – I've found some of my favorite books there and in great condition. My Goodwill sells books for 75 cents and $1.50 so I can walk out with a handfull of books for next to nothing. I probably stop by my local Goodwill when I'm passing by more than any other place in town besides my grocery store!

  10. I've heard good things about a lot of the books featured on your list. I haven't heard of The book of Lost Things though, the cover looks nice and the title is pretty intriguing so one to look in to I think.
    The Night Circus is probably one of my all time favourite books and I don't own it in paperback, I read it as an e-book. I'm not satisfied though, I will buy it in paperback!

    New Follower.

    My TTT: Bookish Pet Peeves

    • The Book of Lost Things is so great – I was captivated by the cover at first glance and that's why I ended up reading the book. Ultimately, though, it's the story that reeled me in and I just LOVE it. The story is so original and fantastic. And of course, The Night Circus is just a beautiful, beautiful story. I want it in some print version and in audiobook as well, because I've listened and loved it that way too!

  11. Uh, I don't have this problem, lol. In fact, I buy books and take forever to read them. Like The Night Circus! Perfect example. Or The Name of the Wind! I bought it on audio because of your rec. I think you're smart to wait because a lot of times the HC go on sale after a while.

    • Yeah, see, I don't care if I take forever to read books I've bought either! I see sometimes when people are like I'VE GOT TO STOP THIS! and I'm like I DON'T! but I don't really overspend on books, so I think I'm good. (Now, ebooks, that's a different story, ssshhh…) The Name of the Wind…you know how much I love that book. I want to listen to it again! I want to read the second book, but really, I just want to listen to the first one again. 🙂

    • I know! I DID preorder a copy of the paperback of Shadow and Bone a little while ago for the FierceReads tour, which is coming through here in June. So I'm knocking ONE off of this list. ONE. Got a LOT more to go!

  12. DAUGHTER OF THE FOREST! YOU MUST! Seriously, it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Also, Days of Blood and Starlight is AMAZING and so is Shadow and Bone. The sequel, Siege and Storm, is even BETTER IMO. I've been meaning to read The Name of the Wind myself, though, and am eagerly looking forward to having the time to devour it this summer. 🙂 Fantastic list, Asheley – I hope you get to read these soon! 😀

    • Oh yes! I've read all of these, I just want to add them to my collection. I want to be able to pull them off of my own shelves without having to grab them from the library over and over! The Name of the Wind is one of my all-time favorites forever. Fantastic, absolutely wonderful high-fantasy.

  13. Oh, I am in LOVE with the Shadow and Bone cover! (Siege and Storm too, obviously.) I actually bought it when I didn't know too much about it, just to make my shelves look pretty, ha. But it's BEAUTIFUL. And my shelves do look prettier now, definitely. Same goes for the Night Circus, though I have a small paperback copy that doesn't do the cover art justice at all. But oh my, the prettiness. I can't even. I just realized this comment doesn't really make much sense, but OH WELL. I think you can tell that I love pretty covers. And buying books. Hm.

    • OH I LOVE PRETTY COVERS! And you know what else? Spine art! I think sometimes the spine art is lesser noticed, which is a shame! I LOVE that you bought a book or two or twenty just to make your shelves look pretty. That is incredible and I think that makes us friends.

    • Oh my goodness, I hope you grab that book and read it soon! One of my favorites – top three from last year, probably. Fantastic male protagonist! Loved it so much. I just re-read it via audiobook and followed along on my kindle. Loved it all over again.

      I totally want that box set. It's in my wishlist, which I check daily to see how the prices rise and fall. Yes, I just admitted to checking the prices in my wishlist daily. I am lame.
      But I do want the box set. ASH FOREVER AND EVER.

    • I'm so glad you're able to borrow a copy and read it! It's SO GOOD. I can't even tell you how good. I mean, Shadow and Bone is amazing but WOW Leigh Bardugo just takes it and makes it exponentially better in the next book! YAYYY!!!

  14. I forgot to read The Wise Man's Fear, haha. I think I might just save it when the last one comes out in 202598. 😛 Siege and Storm is wonderful & I def want Ruin and Rising! I actually own a copy of The Book of Lost Things but have yet to read it, eep. I need to rectify that.

    • I have a couple of Karina Halle's books but I haven't gotten to them yet and I NEED TO MAKE TIME because I hear they're really great! I just checked out the EiT books and grabbed the first one for my Kindle because it's free! They look scary! We'll see!

      I love Iron Fey! So great. I love the world of the Nevernever. Just a fun, fun series.

  15. Haah, I wish I was like that, I tend to buy books even if I haven't read them, because I can't stop myself. I love books.
    I had never heard of The Book of Lost Things, sounds good, gonna add that to my TBR!
    Great list topic, haven't seen anyone else doing this!

  16. I love that you have three copies of Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Asheley! Clearly you need to go out and buy Days of Blood and Starlight now. 🙂 I bought the pretty paperback of The Night Circus when it came out, although I also think the hardcover is pretty. It is a wonderful book for sure! I read Marillier's Daughter of the Forest and first two sequels years ago and loved them but didn't buy my own physical copies until a month ago. Definitely can be frustrating to borrow books that you end up loving and then forgetting about them simply because you don't own them. That's happened with me so many times. I hope you're able to buy all of these books relatively soon!

    • Oh! You're SO RIGHT, I have no excuse for not having Blood and Starlight! I just have these extremely odd buying habits that I can't even begin to explain. And The Night Circus is one of my alltime favorite books but I don't own that one either! WHAT'S MY PROBLEM??

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