About Me

Asheley. Wife, Momma, and reader of almost anything. Lover of coffee, chocolate, and craft beer. Southern. I love the color red and the ocean. Introverted, but not antisocial. Music please, but only the really good stuff. I see a ton of movies at the theater and wouldn’t have it any other way.

I watch some TV but not very much; I love historical television series or movies the most, but I will watch other things too. I also love watching documentaries that highlight moments or periods in history, because yes I’m a history nerd. I mean, I want to watch what you guys are watching on TV and I want to join in the discussions on Twitter and stuff, but I rarely actually do that. Because if I get a chance to settle down at any time, ever, I’m most definitely reading.

I’ve been blogging about books for 12+ years at Into the Hall of Books and I love this blog. It’s ever-changing, always a work-in-progress, and that is one of the things that I love most about it. When I started blogging, I read no other blogs – I didn’t even know what they were, actually – so I had no model. I began writing my thoughts online on another website and then moved here, and I’ve loved every single second

I love interacting with people – find me on Goodreads or Litsy and talk to me! You can also find me on Twitter or Instagram. Don’t be afraid to recommend books to me or chat-me-up about something you’re reading or something I’m reading. Really, it makes my day to talk books with you guys. 


I really do read almost anything. I find myself gravitating to thrillers and horror mostly lately, but historical fiction has my heart! I love women’s fiction and romance stories too! 

More than anything, I want to read a book while listening to the audiobook – this is my favorite way to read and often this is how I have to prioritize reading because of how busy my life has become. Not always, not always, so don’t freak out or fret and certainly don’t hold a good request. But MAN OH MAN, I wish there were more audiobooks available to read alongside the print/digital versions, and I wish they were available to me more easily. That is my request. 

I love both traditionally published work and non-traditionally published work – there is immeasurable value in both. 

I prefer not to be added to newsletters without my permission. 


I am happy to accept offers or requests from authors or publishers to read and review their work, including and especially audiobooks. If the offer/request is something that interests me or is permissible by my review schedule/life schedule, I will respond as soon as possible to your email. Please note that it may take a few days to respond to emails due to recent increased demands in my life – thank you for having patience with me! Also, please take a moment to check my Review Policy. Note that I read from my own shelves and from my local library in addition to pre-publication ARC’s, so my blog is not comprised entirely of pre-release books. 

You can contact me at asheley.tart @ gmail.com.

Thank you!

*Did you know that I’ve recently graduated three highschoolers from homeschool? Life is certainly much quieter than before, and I have a lot more time, which is why I’m diving back into book reviews and bookish talk. I have missed it so much! Because of this, I ask for patience and grace as I completely re-learn how to post to my blog and how to post on social media since it has changed so much in the past few years. Thank you so much!*