Month: December 2018

Announcing! The Read What You Love Project 2019 #norules #readwhatyouloveproject2019

Announcing! The Read What Yo..

The Project: I recently shared a very personal story on my Instagram about why reading *what I want* is so important to me. But also: Haven’t we all gone thru times where we find ourselves reading books we aren’t enjoying or books we feel like we should be reading? Maybe you’ve also felt the pressure of […]

Posted December 29, 2018
Red Sister by Mark Lawrence | Review

Red Sister by Mark Lawrence ..

Review: When I finished Red Sister, I could barely breathe. I really took my time with it and I think that was a good decision because I feel like I really got to know these characters and what they do at Convent of Sweet Mercy, at least as much as they’d let me get to […]

Posted December 20, 2018
Christmas on the Island by Jenny Colgan | Review

Christmas on the Island by J..

Review: Flora lives on the island Mure in the North Atlantic with her large family of brothers and her father. She runs the Seaside Kitchen and is very happy and in love with the American Joel, who has relocated to the island. Flora has just found out that she is pregnant but is very nervous […]

Posted December 7, 2018
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Atlas of World War II by Neil Kagan & Stephen G. Hyslop | Review

Atlas of World War II by Nei..

REVIEW: For some reason it seems like I always had more Revolutionary War and Civil War history taught in my classrooms when I was younger and in school, and I think that fueled the fire where my interest was concerned. As a result, I’ve always felt a little bit behind with what I know about […]

Posted December 5, 2018
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