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Hot Winter Nights by Jill Shalvis | Review

Hot Winter Nights by Jill Sh..

Review: This is my favorite of all of the Heartbreaker Bay books so far, easily. But I swear these books just keep getting better and better. Hot Winter Nights features Molly Malone and Lucas Knight. Molly works at Hunt Investigations along with all of the other big, badass guys in the installments before this one, […]

Posted December 22, 2019
Home to Honeymoon Harbor by JoAnn Ross | Review

Home to Honeymoon Harbor by ..

Review: I loved Home to Honeymoon Harbor by JoAnn Ross! I read it in a short time before I went to bed last night because I  planned to start the first full-length novel (Heron’s Landing) today. This is the story of Sarah Harper and John Mannion, set in 1985. This is a small-town second-chance romance […]

Posted May 23, 2018
Cockroaches by Jo Nesbo | Review

Cockroaches by Jo Nesbo | Re..

Review: I loved The Bat by Jo Nesbo so I was excited to read Cockroaches. Cockroaches is the second book in the Harry Hole series, but I’ve seen many people say to skip directly to the third book because the first two aren’t as good as the rest of them. I genuinely hate skipping books in […]

Posted May 17, 2018
The Black Ice by Michael Connelly | Review

The Black Ice by Michael Con..

Review: One of the things that I love most about Harry Bosch is that he won’t stop on a case until he finds the answers. He has to be satisfied that he has found justice, even if he is in danger, even if he ends up breaking the rules to do so. That’s exactly what […]

Posted March 10, 2018
The Black Echo by Michael Connelly | Review

The Black Echo by Michael Co..

Review: Starting a huge series like this one can be such an intimidating thing – the Harry Bosch Universe is so long! That’s both a great thing and an overwhelming thing because there are tons of books to catch up on, and I want to read them in order. So I read The Black Echo by Michael […]

Posted February 17, 2018
Beyond Reach by Karin Slaughter Review

Beyond Reach by Karin Slaugh..

Review: I have no idea how to talk coherently about how much I love the Grant County Series. It hasn’t been the crimes and solving them as much as it has been the character and their relationships that have made me gravitate toward these books and love them like I do. I’ve both been excited about […]

Posted January 8, 2018
Faithless by Karin Slaughter Review

Faithless by Karin Slaughter..

Review: I feel a little bit mixed up after Faithless. On the one hand, Faithless is not my favorite in the series in terms of crimes and police procedure. But it isn’t my least favorite either. On the other hand: THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED FROM SARA AND JEFFREY AND EVEN LENA! So this […]

Posted January 4, 2018
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Indelible by Karin Slaughter Review

Indelible by Karin Slaughter..

Review: I’m fairly certain that I didn’t take a good, deep breath the entire time I was reading Indelible. This is the best book of the Grant County series so far. Indelible recaptures everything that I felt the last book was missing, and then some. This is the fourth book in the Grant County series, following Blindsighted and Kisscut and […]

Posted December 22, 2017
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A Faint Cold Fear by Karin Slaughter Review

A Faint Cold Fear by Karin S..

Review: This is the third book in the Grant County series, following Blindsighted and Kisscut. I absolutely loved the previous two books. I loved the way they were intense and gritty and almost hard-to-stomach. This one was different. It was a little bit less of everything, and it broke my heart a little bit. The crimes in this case […]

Posted December 1, 2017
The Bat by Jo Nesbo Review

The Bat by Jo Nesbo Review

Review: I had heard mixed reviews on the beginning of the Harry Hole Series before I picked it up. Some people said The Bat by Jo Nesbo wasn’t great and recommended skipping the first few books in the series. Some recommended starting at the beginning, knowing that it would get better with the progression of […]

Posted November 24, 2017
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