Four Books I’m Reading Right Now…Yep, Four.

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I’m a poly-reader. I read more than one book at a time. I know all the arguments for and against; I know some people do it and some do not. But my life is better when it is lived in the pages of more than one book at one time. 

Yesterday I realized that I’m reading some really great stuff and today I realized (in the spirit of Sheila at Book Journey‘s It’s Monday, What are you Reading?) that I want to share it all with you. 
Eve by Anna Carey
Published by HarperTeen
Publish Date:  October 4, 2011

Eve is YA dystopian novel that is great so far. This time the world has fallen victim to a big, bad virus. Eve has grown up in a boarding school and has just found out that the world outside the school isn’t what she has always been taught–it’s horrifying and her fate is one that she cannot even imagine for herself. Now she is on a journey to find a somewhere safe. (And there’s a boy.)

The Goodreads summary promises forbidden love and extraordinary adventure.” And Lisa the Nerd encouraged me kindly to move this book up on my TBR pile. At about one-quarter of the way in, I’m LOVING it. This is my kind of book. Lisa has never steered me wrong with a recommendation, so I think I’ll end up raving about this one in another day or two. 
The Revisionists by Thomas Mullen
Published by Mulholland Books
Publish Date:  September 28, 2011

Wow, this book is really interesting. In the future, the world is finally at peace. There’s no hunger, no war, no problems. A group of Protectors travel back in time to make sure history doesn’t change. In order to keep the peace, all of the chaos and disaster and war from the past must happen. The problem is that people from the future have figured out how to travel back in time to prevent catastrophic events like the Holocaust and 9/11–and they’re working against the Protectors. If these cataclysms do not occur, perfect peace may never be achieved. It’s all just a job for the Protectors, until they get a little too connected and start feeling things about all the people that die as a result of what they do. 

Very, very interesting book with incredible characters. I’m not very far into it but I LOVE it so far and I can see myself reading more of Thomas Mullen because of it. (I realize this may sound jumbled and confused, but just trust me–this book is very, very good so far.)

Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost
Published by Avon
Publish Date:  November 1, 2007

This is the first book in Frost’s Night Huntress series and was recommended to me by a real-life friend. I picked it up from the library after seeing her be all squealy-happy on Facebook after the new book came out a few weeks ago. It’s been on the shelf until last night when I grabbed it, planning to read a chapter or two. An hour later, I was SUCKED into it and am now a fan. Why have I not heard of these books until a few weeks ago when I had to see it on Facebook?? (Facebook isn’t that great, you guys!! But it’s the reason I found this series, and that makes me feel a little odd. I’m supposed to find all of my wonderful bookish recommendations on blogs, twitter, and Goodreads!)

Anyway, I digress. I like a little easy reading every now and then. Something fun and light. And fun. And light. This is it. 

Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder
Illustrated by Garth Williams
Published by HarperTrophy
Publish Date:  January 1, 1953

I’m reading this book out loud to my children in the mornings before school. I can’t say enough great things about it, so I won’t even try. I’m sure most of us have read it, but if you haven’t…even as an adult, please do. And if you have kids:  either read it to them, read it with them, or encourage them to read this series. The illustrations are wonderful and the story is tops. But seeing as I am the reader, this counts as one that I am currently reading. 

I will add this:  My children have a really tough time identifying with all of what they call the “hard things” about being Mary and Laura. For example, this morning we read about Laura’s corncob doll, Susan. My Layla was horrified that Laura played with a corncob wrapped in a handkerchief and called it a doll. She couldn’t believe Laura didn’t have a “real toy” of her own. This is different for my children. They understand that there are people living now that do not have the same things we have, and that we are very lucky and blessed. But they, I guess, didn’t realize the differences of the frontier days vs. today (no electricity, no grocery store, etc). We stop every couple of paragraphs and have to talk about what Laura Ingalls Wilder is describing. And it is quite hilarious. I love it. 


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7 responses to “Four Books I’m Reading Right Now…Yep, Four.

  1. I never read more than one book at once…or I used to not do this. I've been doing it more and more. I've been reading different genres at the same time. I think I get less bored this way…idk. Halfway to the Grave…sorry I never recommended it to you! bloggie friend fail!

  2. I feel like I'm always in the middle of a few books. End up sticking with the one that captures my attention fastest. Can you say a little more about the nigh huntress? I just did a paranormal trashy romance that dissapointed…I need a good one! Is this that book for me? lol, pusher please?

  3. Only 4 books at a time?? LOL I think I'm in the middle of 7 right now. I'm trying to only focus on one or two at a time, but I think it's kind of fun to have a book going to suit every mood.

    Eve looks like an interesting story and I love Laura Ingalls! I only read a few of the LE books when I was a kid (I was too obsessed with Nancy Drew to care about life on the prairie), but I think I'd like to reread them sometime.

  4. i love that you make it so easy for me to recommend books.


    and i know you'll love them because you, too, are awesome.

    yay for your polyreading! thanks for sharing. 🙂

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