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Love On The Lifts by Jill Santopolo
Series: Follow Your Heart
Published by Speak
Publish Date: January 22, 2015
Source: Publisher

What better way to spend your vacation than on the slopes? In this unique romance, the reader’s in the driver’s seat—creating her own path through the narrative and ending with one of eleven different guys. By making selections at the end of each chapter, the reader decides who will be her perfect match. It could be the athletic ski instructor, one of the adorable twin brothers in the lodge, or the sweet guy with the broken leg by the fireplace. Finding your dream guy couldn’t be easier, and it all takes place against the snowy backdrop of a romantic ski resort. And if not all readers are looking for love, there are other options: to hang with your sister, make new friends, or spend some time alone. But any way you slice it, every reader will have their love on the lifts! (Goodreads) 
Love On The Lifts by Jill Santopolo

My Thoughts:  When I was young, I used to love to read Choose Your Own Adventure stories. I’d read them over and over, making sure to arrive at the different endings each time. I wanted to see what adventures were possible within the book. One just wasn’t enough. The concept of this type of story was so exciting to me, one where I was in control of how things turned out. This is what Jill Santopolo has done with Love On The Lifts, except we’re not choosing adventure – we’re choosing a chance for love.  


As the story begins, you and your sister Angie are at the airport, on your way to a ski vacation with your parents. Your boyfriend Nate has broken your heart, and you just aren’t feeling the fun of the upcoming vacation. Angie tells you that she has a plan – you need to kiss someone you meet on the ski mountain, you need to fall in love on the lifts

Hmm, you’re not so sure! You’d rather ski and hang out with your sister and just not think of romantic things. BUT Angie convinces you that it takes a boy to get over a boy, and you eventually agree to try out her plan. The “choose your own adventure” part of the story begins once you both make it out on the slopes. 


When Love On The Lifts by Jill Santopolo arrived, I read it immediately because it sounded like so much fun – and it was. It was a quick read that left me smiling and flipping pages, but in a really fun way. There are something like eleven choices for an ending – a ski instructor, a handsome twin, deciding to hang out with sister Angie instead of finding a guy, hanging out alone – so, yeah, several possibilities. AND true to what we all know of these types of “choose your own adventure” books, the opportunity to decide what to do next pops up every few pages, which made me feel in control of what was going on. 

I ended up “finding love” with Charlie – he’s a nice guy out on the slopes that I spot and decide to spend the day skiing with. He is hilarious and charming and loves old movies. It’s a good match and helps me take my mind off of my awful ex-boyfriend. 

*SO while I’ve been taking care of my Dad recently and because this book was so fun to read, I picked up Love On The Lifts and read it again – twice. I ended up with two very different endings, both a lot of fun. I ended up hanging out with my sister Angie, which is always a good time of course (YAY sisters, I absolutely love mine) and I also found love with a guy named Orion, who happens to be the son of the ski resort owner. 

Love On The Lifts by Jill Santopolo is fun. It isn’t a long read or a heavy read. It’s perfect for someone that is looking for something light, cute, and happy – EXACTLY what I’ve needed in my life right now, actually. I haven’t made it through all of the options for endings yet but there does not appear to be any love triangles so far. The book is written from a perspective of YOU being the main character, YOU are looking for love, YOU are choosing your own adventure. I recommend Love On The Lifts by Jill Santopolo for fans of young adult contemporary with romance that enjoy fun story structures. 


Love On The Lifts will appeal to fans of:

Young Adult Contemporary 
Choose Your Own Adventure

Love On The Lifts by Jill Santopolo
is currently available for purchase.

Did you read Choose Your Own Adventure 
books when you were young?

I DID. I loved them! 


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