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National Geographic Almanac 2019 | Review

National Geographic Almanac ..

Review: When National Geographic’s Almanac 2019 arrived in the mail, everyone in my house got up from whatever activity he/she was doing and came over to gawk at it. This is the type of book that appeals to everyone in my household-regardless of age, regardless of specific interests. As one of my teenage daughters said, […]

Posted March 29, 2019
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Atlas of World War II by Neil Kagan & Stephen G. Hyslop | Review

Atlas of World War II by Nei..

REVIEW: For some reason it seems like I always had more Revolutionary War and Civil War history taught in my classrooms when I was younger and in school, and I think that fueled the fire where my interest was concerned. As a result, I’ve always felt a little bit behind with what I know about […]

Posted December 5, 2018
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