Someone In The Way by Rachel Del Review

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Someone In The Way by Rachel Del
Someone In The Way by Rachel Del ReviewSomeone In The Way by Rachel Del
Series: Second Chances #1
Published by The Author(s) on January 10, 2018
Pages: 230
Source: the author
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Lily Gardner thought she’d found her soul mate when she met and married the handsome and well-off Thomas Gardner. But now, thirty, with a four-year-old son, Lily finds herself wading through the messy waters of divorce and single motherhood, crying herself to sleep at night wondering if she’s just lost her only chance at love—and herself in the process.

Nathan Trainor always falls for the wrong women—and Lily is no exception. But now that she’s practically single Nate knows this could be his only chance to prove history wrong.

When Lily and Nate are assigned the task of signing a bestselling author who is rumored to be seeking new representation, Lily must put her troubles aside and do whatever it takes to get the job done. And Nate might just get his chance to write his own happy ending.

At once heartbreaking and hopeful, Someone In The Way captures what it feels like to be given a second chance at life—and love.

I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


I was fortunate enough to read an early copy of Someone In The Way by Rachel Del, and it couldn’t have been better because it was exactly the story I needed at at that time. At the time I was craving stories about women that were having to make big, hard life decisions. Lily’s story definitely fit that description.

Lily Gardner is fresh out of a bad separation and going thru a divorce. She has a sweet four-year-old son and she loves her job at a local publishing house. Lily works hard to keep things as normal as possible for her son and to keep herself from going crazy, wondering what she could have done to fix her marriage. She would love to date again and even possibly find love, but she isn’t even sure that is something that is possible for her.

Enter Nate Trainor, her coworker. He’s so much fun at work – and he likes Lily. When Nate finds out that she is available, he desperately wants to ask her out on a date. He knows that she has some baggage and that she needs to take things slowly, but he also knows that life is short and that if he doesn’t take this chance with Lily, it might slip away.

So what’s the problem? Well, Lily and Nate work together, and working at the same place has its own sets of issues. More pressing is the fact that Lily and Nate have been assigned to work together to sign the most popular author out there: Tanner. Do whatever it takes, they’ve basically been told. And what it takes is becoming BFF with Tanner after work hours and spending a weekend away at Tanner’s beachfront home, just the three of them. Tanner isn’t the nicest guy around, and Lily is a lovely, newly-single woman, and WAIT his latest project is WHAT?

Things get interesting. And a little stressed with Lily and Nate.

I wondered how on earth Lily and Nate could handle Tanner’s man-child drama with their fledgling feelings for one another. I wanted only good things for them! I couldn’t read fast enough.

Listen, I loved this story. I finished it and since then, I’ve read my favorite parts over again. I love that Lily is a real woman with real-woman issues, trying to live a real-woman life. She doesn’t just jump at Nate at the first opportunity because he is available and has a cute face; she thinks so hard about everything and weighs every consequence. She also thinks about what she wants vs. what she thinks is right. I love the way she thinks. I love, love, love her story and I would love to read more stories about women like her.

And Nate seems very real to me. I found that so charming. He isn’t perfect, and he knows it. I like how he approached the situation with Lily; how he considered exactly where she was in her journey to divorce and whether he should wait longer to ask her out or not. I love that Nate pursued her and I love the way that he pursued her. I also love Nate’s family’s presence in the story. His relationship with his parents and siblings made me smile.

Then there is Tanner. My instinct is to — not like him — and when you read, you can decide if you feel the same or not. But at the end of the book, in her acknowledgements, Rachel gives a hint that there may be more to Tanner’s story (YES, PLEASE AND THANK YOU, RACHEL!). So now I’m dying to have more from him as soon as possible because if it was as good as this one, I’m sure I’ll end up caring about Tanner quite a bit.

About Rachel Del

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Rachel Del is a head-in-the-clouds introvert, homebody and thirty-something writer currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada with her husband and son. Originally from Ontario, Canada she works in publishing and spends her free time reading, writing and drinking far too much black coffee.

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