Something Borrowed & Something Blue by Emily Giffin Review

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Something BorrowedSomething Blue by Emily Giffin
Series: Darcy & Rachel #1 & 2

Published by St. Martin’s Press

Publish Date: June 1, 2004 & March 21, 2006

322 Pages & 338 Pages
Source: Books – Borrowed, Audio – Library
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I THINK THAT these books are basically all about right vs. wrong, about relationships (all kinds), and whether or not different types of relationships can withstand different types of hurt and betrayal. There are happy times and sad times and, really, I suppose it is fair to say that these relationships are accurate in terms of life for some people. 
My Thoughts: I amaze myself sometimes that I am able to go into books that have been around for a long time and not know anything about the story. I could tell when I started these books pretty much the main idea of the tales, but I really didn’t know the story synopses. (Also I had never seen the movie trailer for the first book.) 
Since so many people have already read these books
I don’t want to review them, 
but I do want to share my thoughts in list form: 
1. Okay, first of all, I am pretty sound in my ability to see past a flawed character or when a character does bad things. I also tend to really like unlikable and unreliable characters. I know that not everyone can or will read certain types of books and/or unlikable characters. This series combined both of those things. 

2. GOOD GRIEF, you guys. Rachel and Darcy. Darcy & Rachel. These two best friends need serious therapy. HELLO UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIP. I’m sure that at some level, I was supposed to feel emotional attachment or sympathy for these two girls during the course of these two stories, but they made it extremely difficult. There is an exception for both of these girls and I will get to that in just a bit. One is a “good girl” and one is a spoiled, rich, jealous girl, but they are horrible friends to one another. No spoilers here, but WOW. 
3. There is a love triangle, for those that do not love triangles. There is cheating, for those that do not like “cheating” books. 
4. In my own personal opinion, the only likable character is Ethan. Neither Rachel nor Darcy is likable, nor is Dex or Marcus or any of the other secondary characters. I am not bothered by unlikable characters, but this is certainly noteworthy. 

5. Walking away from this series, the thing I will remember most is: I found myself wondering why all of my friends liked these books so much. I felt like there was something that I was missing in some huge way as I was reading because I just was not connecting at all as I was nearing the end of both of these books. But then I got to the last part of both books
  • In the case of Something Borrowed, I found myself wishing and cheering and rooting for an ending that I would never want in real life. I spent the majority of the book not really liking the characters, but there was a point toward the end of the book that I just wanted happiness for somebody-please-somebody – the only problem is that in wishing for happiness for some, there would be inevitable pain for others. (This was stressful!)
  • In the case of Something Blue, I had come to terms with where all of the characters were in their lives and I was hopeful that things would end up well for everyone. GOSH WHAT A TORTUROUS BOOK. But I am thankful that I stuck with it because it ended well. It felt rushed and neat and wrapped up…BUT! I feel less stressed about all of these people now and I can return these two books to the shelves and move on knowing that everyone is going to be okay. 
Ultimately, I spent the better part of both Something Borrowed and Something Blue wrapped up in the drama-filled lives of these poorly-behaved characters (with the exception of Ethan, who I LOVED) waiting for some sort of character redemption or development. There is one major character did that have some big change (thankfully!) but it came so late in the series that it did very little to make me feel much differently toward her. This makes me so sad! HOWEVER, I am so thankful that the second book ended the way that it did – I actually exhaled and celebrated with a piece of cheesecake (this is not a joke). 

Do you remember when I mentioned that I would talk about how there was an exception to feeling emotional attachment or sympathy for these characters? It really only came for me at the very end of each of these books – one, of course, is Rachel’s book and one is Darcy’s book. So I guess you could say that I felt a twinge of hope or something like it for each of these girls at the end of her book even though I never loved how the stories unfolded at all. I think it is true a testament to this author, that she can make me feel positively, that she can make me cross my fingers for these girls’ wishes to come true, even if I know that it isn’t something that is a good thing were it to happen in real life. Does that make sense? I felt empathy, but in situations that surprised the heck out of me. It was not enough to make me revisit this series, but I will certainly consider reading more books by this author. 

I would recommend Something Borrowed and Something Blue by Emily Giffin to readers that enjoy women’s fiction/chick-lit and adult contemporary romance. Based on what I can see of my reading community on Goodreads, I am in the minority with my confused feelings on these books WHICH IS TOTALLY OKAY. There are some interesting relationship dynamics in here and the way they unfold and mend and in some cases, don’t mend, is probably very true to life and I can appreciate that very much. However, if you’re one of those readers that are hardcore anti-cheating and do not like love triangles, you may want to avoid this series. 


Something Borrowed & Something Blue will appeal to fans of:

Women’s Fiction/ChickLit
Adult Contemporary Romance
Romance: All types of romances. Cheating is involved.
Love Triangle(s).
Great settings: New York City, London

Something Borrowed & Something Blue by Emily Giffin

are both currently available for purchase. 


SO MANY people have loved these books! 

If you’re one of the readers that loved these books, was it the entire story or the ending that made you love it?

If you didn’t love it, why? 

Can you recommend other books by this author? 
I’d like to try more by her. 



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8 responses to “Something Borrowed & Something Blue by Emily Giffin Review

  1. I think I read the first one because I seem to remember thinking what an unhealthy relationship those two had. I liked it but didn't love it and didn't continue with the series.

    • I'm learning that many didn't continue with the series after the first book. I had placed the audiobook on hold at my library a while back and when it arrived, I thought I'd go ahead and give it a go. Sometimes I'm optimistic that things will pick up and get better and they just…aren't.

      I want to believe that I will enjoy other books by this author so I may give another one a shot later. These just were not two that I loved. ):

    • I don't blame you!

      I suppose I may be happy on one level that I finished this couplet…but on the other hand I feel so perturbed at SO MANY unlikable characters. Thankfully it was audiobook reading while I was cleaning, etc because I was able to multitask and my time spent was fruitful.

  2. I haven't read anything by this author yet, though I do have The One & Only from the library. Even though you were conflicted about these books, I have to say I am very intrigued!

    • I've seen The One & Only! It has a pretty cover, which is how it has drawn my eye! I have to admit I'm intrigued as well – honestly, I'd love to have a more positive impression of another of this author's stories. I'd love to read something that I enjoy more than these! Maybe The One & Only is the one for me?

  3. These books sound like a nightmare to me. What if I got locked somewhere and I only had these stories for company?! I can't even imagine! Basically, everything about them sounds like not-for-Lauren. I'm glad you stuck with these. I commend you so much for your perseverance, friend. But I'm happy to stay away forever. For me, a happy end would not make up for all the drama throughout. But I'm glad there was eventually some things you appreciated about these.

  4. What's surprising to me, even though I've reread it a few times, is how much I still like these two books! I really enjoyed them, in spite of the emotional craziness that these characters face and the fact that there are things about just about everyone that are so gosh darn unlikable. I don't know what it is, except perhaps a magical quality to Giffin's writing. (Also, I'm TOTALLY with you on the Ethan thing. LOVE HIM. LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM.)

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