Ten Bookish Confessions!

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Ten Bookish Confessions
(In no particular order. This blog post includes some snark!)

1. I actually like YA Contemporary. WHAT?
Before this year, I didn’t like YA Contemporary at all. But I was open to becoming a more well-rounded reader, so I challenged myself to read more contemps in 2012. I’ve tripled (I think) my goal for 2012 so far, and I don’t plan to stop reading YA contemps just because my goal is met. I’m loving what I’m reading!
I can’t even believe it. 

Truthfully, it took co-hosting a Contemporary Month and some awesome blogging buddies being supportive and suggesting great titles to get me hooked on the genre. Otherwise, I’d probably still hate it. Now I love it! 

2. I actually like Love Triangles
There are a lot of you guys out there that can’t stand them. And it’s okay. But I actually don’t mind a fun, well-executed love triangle. I’ve read a ton of them that had me in knots until the end of the book or series. And I’ve read some where my heart was broken along with the guy (it’s always the guy, right?) that wasn’t chosen in the end. 

Ultimately, I really don’t mind them at all if they’re written well. 
And I’ll tell you if a triangle exists in a book & if I think it is done well. 

3. I love Series more than Standalones
Oh! the satisfaction of knowing that a story lasts beyond the pages of just one book! Especially when the series is already established or finished when I start it! All of my favorite series have been nearly finished or completed when I began them so I never felt a long wait between those books AT ALL. The series that I’m working on now are MOSTLY established or finished. The series that I want to read that have cliffhangers – I usually wait until they’re nearly finished/completed before I even start. (I’m looking at you, Lauren Oliver and Cassandra Clare)
4. I DO judge books by their covers
HEY! At least I’m being honest about it. And yet it backfires on me often.
When this happens, I usually am able to own it. 

I’ve been known to pick up a book just because of the cover. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t. Likewise, I’ve read books that I’ve LOVED with covers that are not good at all. 

What can I say? I’m a cover girl. First impressions matter, you guys. 
But they’re not always 100% accurate. 

5. I can hear books cry out when pages are dog-eared.
This is TRUTH

The worst part about this? In my family, I’m the ONLY person that doesn’t dog-ear pages. The other four don’t mind it at all. They’ll turn down that corner – I swear it – just to make me cringe.

Yes, it’s melodramatic for me to say this, but I think I can actually hear the book crying when this happens. 

6. I get annoyed with people that don’t use the library.
I’m almost sorry if that’s you!  🙂 

Let me take it a step further – I get severely annoyed by people who have children in their charge that don’t take them to libraries. As adults, we have a choice. But kids depend on big people to get them there. THE LIBRARY IS THERE FOR THE USING. So let’s use it! 

The most empowering thing I’ve EVER done for my children is get them their own library cards. True, it doesn’t cost anything. But they gain everything! Independence and thousands of stories at their disposal… Freedom to browse and choose which stories come home and which ones stay this time – knowing that they’ll be back to make an exchange and next time they’ll swap for something that just might be even more exciting…

I just don’t understand people that say they ‘don’t have time’ to expose young people to something like that. And I know TONS of them in real life. 

7. I have very little tolerance for people that do not read
“I just don’t have any time to read.” Really? REALLY? 
But you enjoyed watching Honey Boo Boo the other night, didn’t you? 
No further comment.  

I can understand not having MUCH time to read…
…or not being able to read as much as you’d like…

If I couldn’t read, my family would HATE me. 
I’d be worthless to myself, my friends and family, and probably society.

The amount of time that I read varies depending on how busy life is for me. 
But I seriously doubt I will ever say that I don’t have time to read. 
Reading is too easy these days with audio, phone apps, ereaders, print books, reading on computers…

8. If my library books are late,
I AM NOT driving all the way across town
just to turn them in before a fine is due

I let the fine accrue until I’m going back to that side of town.
It’s a long way for me and gas is expensive…
…more expensive than the fines, usually. 

PLUS – the money from fines goes back to the library. It’s all good. 
9. I can’t read only one book at a time. 
I get too bored with just one. I have to be reading multiple books at the same time. 
It’s weird. It’s quirky. But it’s the way I do things. 

10. I don’t read series books back-to-back. 
Okay, in extremely rare circumstances I’ve read series books back-to-back.
But I don’t like it and I don’t want to!

I get bored with a series and it makes me sad when that happens. 

So my personal policy for myself is no back-to-back series reading.
It’s just another quirky reading thing that I do!



Do YOU have any bookish confessions? 


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24 responses to “Ten Bookish Confessions!

  1. Numbers 6 and 7. SERIOUSLY. I judge people pretty harshly when they won't read, but the idea of denying a library card to your kid (if one is nearby, that is) is unforgiveable. I applaud you for being brave enough to say it loud and proud!

  2. I very much agree with you on number 6 – if you have kids you better teach them to read, and to love books, and to respect books, and to use the darn library!:)

    I'm also glad to see that I'm not the only one who doesn't take library fines all that seriously. I'm not going to rush over there just to avoid paying $0.20.

  3. Glad you fell in love with YA contemporary! There have been some great ones lately.
    I feel you with #9 – I used to not be able to juggle books, but now it's almost a must.
    Love your shout-out to libraries too. They really are wonderful.

    Thanks for sharing your confessions!

  4. 5 and 6 I totally agree! When I see someone making dog-ears I give them one of my bookmark! And for the library. Even thought I can hardly find anything at my library every year I pay for my library card.
    PS. I also love YA contemporary but I've never hated it.

    Here is my Top Ten Tuesday

  5. Nice list. I am familiar with several items on your list, most emphatically numbers 5 (dog-earing is a crime against books) and 9 – I have 12 books in my "now reading" folder on my Kindle, and at least three physical books I am reading as well.

  6. I agree – I actually feel sorry for people who don't read! I lived in libraries as a kid – I would spent hours in there – it should be some kind of requirement for parents to get their children a library card!
    Laura @ bookswritingtea

  7. The covers are so pretty, it easy to be sucked in 🙂 Great list. I agree with you, dog ears are a big no no. My mum does it and she's banned from boring my books. Not that she complies with my ban 🙂

  8. I like to read series back to back when I can. I had the pleasure of reading HP back to back and it was amazing! Also, I don't use the library… =/ In my defense I have no children and my library sucks. I do use Overdrive.com…so that's kind of like using my library.

  9. Yay for you being a new contemporary fan! So happy you hosted Contemporary Month because if you hadn't, you wouldn't be the fan you are now! Unfortunately the librarys here kinda suck… They have been getting a bit better more recently but still… Also, I TOTALLY get the not returning a library book if it's late. Oh well, it can be returned tomorrow. What's going to happen if it's a day or two late? Ha, reminds me of a Gilmore Girls ep. – random much, Becca. Anyways…great list!!

  10. I'm picky about my covers too! I've picked up books whose covers I didn't love, but pretty covers ALWAYS get picked up first.

    Completely agree with #7! It makes me feel bad, but I can't imagine or understand why people don't read.

  11. I think we could get along! It's like I'm looking in the mirror :p

    Love Triangles aren't really my thing, but if the writer makes it believable, I can overlook it (Iron Fey <3)
    Series are so much better, because you really invest your time in characters. You get to know them and you can spend so much time in their world 😀
    Covers are very important to me. It's the first thing that catches my eyes when I walk in a bookstore.
    Dog ears.. I don't want to think about it. I can't stand them.
    I don't have to use the library now (I almost have my own :p), but my mother always took me to it. It gave me so many wonderful books and I think you are right. You owe it to a child to give that to them.
    I HAVE to read more books at the same time like you.

    So you see, we have a lot in common :p
    My top 10 Tuesday.

  12. Wow what a great list. I will forgive your love triangle confession :). Though I agree that they're okay when done well (aka Unearthly or Clockwork Angel). I think I just have really high standards about them.

    I love that you forced yourself to read contemps and now like them. I'm still in awe of you for doing that.

    I agree with your library comment. Mine is particularly fabulous – the library network has pretty much any book I could want to read – but for kids, not only is it a place for BOOKS, but it's FREE and mine has lots of activities too. That's what I grew up doing for fun too.

    I almost always read just one book at a time and series back to back, but that has been changing recently! Actually probably because of doing a read-along for Outlander.

    Great list!

  13. I don't read series back to back anymore either. I used to but now I totally don't have the time for it.

    I loathe when people say they don't have the time to read. My boyfriend's mom says that all the time, yet she's got time to screw around with words with friends on her phone? PSH PSH I say PSH.

    Also, mad library love always.

  14. ""I just don't have any time to read." Really? REALLY?
    But you enjoyed watching Honey Boo Boo the other night, didn't you?"
    *giggle* I really don't understand this complaint either… I squeeze reading into all sorts of holes in my day and hope I always will be able to make time for it!

  15. I also can't stand people who don't read, it's just like: 'What else could be more important?' Especially when they do watch reality tv for hours! Also, I think it's completely natural to judge a book by its cover (and blurb), what else is supposed to catch your eye about a book at first glance? Thanks for sharing 🙂
    My Confessions
    Juli @ Universe in Words

  16. Wonderful list! I hate it when people don't use libraries too! It irritates me, especially because my neighborhood has TWO excellent libraries within fifteen minute distances of one another, so people really need to take advantage of them! I also never read YA Contemporary before this year and I really like it now! It's strange the things you can find out about yourself if you tries new things… 😉 I also can't read just one book at a time…I used to, but not anymore. Either than that though, I prefer standalones to a series and I haveee to read a series both back-to-back and in order. I have strange pet peeves…anyway, wonderfulll list! 😀

    Ivy Book Bindings

  17. Ems

    Oh my goodness, ALL OF THIS.

    I actually had a patron come in yesterday to pay off almost $100 in fines. He was totally cheerful about it and said he was just doing his civic duty to help keep the library going. I loved him right then.

  18. It's funny because I wasn't a big contemporary reader either until sometime last year. I'm actually reading more contemps than I ever thought I would now!

    Also, the library is a magical place and when I have kids of my own, I hope I can share the magic of that with them.

    Plus, hello, you ALWAYS have time to read. ALWAYS. The five minutes you sit on a subway doing nothing – you can read. In the bathroom? You can read. In a doctor's waiting room? You can read. It always frustrates me when people say they don't have time… Then again, they could have different priorities than we do.

  19. Totally agree with you about the library. Of course, I am a bit biased as I am a librarian. But the library is such a wonderful place, especially for children (okay, I am biased here as I am a children's librarian).

    Great list.

  20. I use the library, and am so happy. i don't worry about the fines either. And I do judge a book by it's cover too. Be a bit of an artist, I think a cover is very important. It's like the wrapping paper on a gift. Great list.

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