Ten Books on My Shelves that I Haven’t Read Yet!

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Ten Books I HAD TO BUY
But Haven’t Read Yet!
I shop second-hand bookstores ALL THE TIME
and have no problem expanding my growing library. 

I also have no problem having books on my shelves 
that I haven’t read yet
I know I’ll always have something to grab when I need something! 

Thankfully, I didn’t even venture into my Kindle for this list. Phew.

 by Khaled Hosseini

I have no excuse for owning these two books and not reading them yet. 
Everyone says they’re wonderful and emotional. 
(Perhaps the emotional part is why I haven’t picked them up?)


2. Eon & Eona by Alison Goodman

I LOVE LOVE LOVE dragons and 
these covers are AMAZING. 
So is the spine art, so I’m happy these are on my shelves
even though I haven’t gotten to them yet. 


3. Eragon by Christopher Paolini

Why haven’t I read these books yet? I DON’T KNOW. 
Even my 9 year old has read the entire series – she loves dragons too.
We’re huge dragon fans in this house.  


4. Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

I need to read this one soon so I can watch the movie. 
Because isn’t James Franco in it? 
Oh wait, we’re talking about books here. 
Yes, I need to read this one too. Ahem.


I have both of these books on the shelf, but I don’t plan to TOUCH THEM
until the series is completed. I’ve heard the CLIFFHANGERS are MASSIVE
I’d rather wait and read them all as a completed series. 


 by Gregory Maguire

I found beautiful copies of these two books in a store
but once again, I have no excuse for not picking them up yet – 
especially since I’m such a big fan of the original story. 


7. The Dark and Hollow Places by Carrie Ryan

I love this series SO MUCH. I have the whole thing, but I’ve read only
the first two books. Part of the reason I haven’t read this one yet is because
I have SERIES FINALE FEAR and part of the reason is because I’m 
tucking it away, saving it for that perfect exact time when 
this exact story would be exactly right.  


8. A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones)
 by George R.R. Martin

I LOVE that these beautiful trade paperback copies are on my shelves so
whenever I want to start this series, I can. 
BUT I’ve heard they are pretty all-consuming, with 1000000 characters
and 1000000 plotlines and all of that. While I can imagine they’re 
AMAZING, I just don’t want something so complex right now. 


9. Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie
This one is just sitting there, looking pretty! 
I have no excuse except that I think I forget that
it’s there because the shelf this book is on is not in my living area
but in my guest bedroom. Sorry, book!


10. The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

Everyone loves this one and I haven’t read it yet. 
Truthfully, I’ll be getting to this one before any of the others on this list. 
Contemporaries for the win!


Encourage me to pick one of these books up and start it! 

I have a TON of others like these just sitting there. 
LET’S NOT GET STARTED on what’s sitting on the Kindle! 

Which one should I pick up first??

What books are on your lists? 
Leave me a link so I can visit!


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31 responses to “Ten Books on My Shelves that I Haven’t Read Yet!

  1. I would tell you to read The Dark and Hollow Places, but I definitely understand your excuse. Though don't wait TOO long. So you should read The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer! It is dark, mysterious and oh so romantic.

    Nikki @ Imaginative Adventure

    “There is no friend as loyal as a book.”
    ― Ernest Hemingway

    • I do want to read The Dark and Hollow Places pretty soon. I love that series so much! Since the last Mara Dyer book releases in the fall, I'll probably start reading these in the late summer so I can breeze right through, or I may even wait until the whole series is done. I've heard interesting things about the books but I love reading thru cliffhangery books in rapid succession instead of having to wait a long time! Don't worry, though, they will get read soon. 🙂

  2. OOooh ooooh first start with The Sky is Everywhere!!! 🙂
    I just started GoT and it's surprisingly easy to read…. Once I finally got a grasp on all the characters, that is.
    I really need to read Mara dyer too! I've been told it's great but still haven't picked it up yet. Sigh.

    • Whenever I see my copy of Eragon, I always think I NEED TO READ THAT!! but then I forget about it when I walk away. Need to remedy that situation. I've heard that the audiobook is good!

      Yeah, I'll probably pick up Game of Thrones when I plan some time to go thru the series or when I can audiobook the long book. I can't do it with Contemporary Month right now and I don't know that I want to make it a summer read anyway. Seems more of a winter series to me.

  3. Oh, Eon! I'm right there with you on that one. Ditto to Game of Thrones (but that series intimidates the heck out of me!)

    I really liked Eat, Pray, Love. But some people were bored to death with it. It was a quick read and very uplifting. The travel aspects were gorgeous to read and I really enjoyed her spiritual journey. That book made me want to travel to India!

    And you know which book on this list I CANNOT WAIT for you to try so I'm not even going to go there! I'm just going to wait patiently for your contemp month to start:)

  4. I haven't read any of these books, though, many feature on my massive TBR list. With regard to A Game of Thrones, the books and their size totally intimidate me so I've stuck with the show… for now. One day I will rectify this. Same goes for the Wicked series (though I don't have a show, only a broadway version to rely on). And with Eragon, I think I've been put off by that poor excuse for a movie, though many friends have assured me that the book series is totally worth it. One of these days…

    • I've never actually seen the Eragon movie, thankfully, because I don't think I've ever heard a positive thing about it! But I'm really excited to start the series SOON. SOON. And Wicked, I need to read that one soon! I'm just really intimidated by GoT too.

  5. I love Mara Dyer, and I hope you do too! Creeppperrs. I'm glad I read The Kite Runner, but it was tough for me and I don't think I can handle another book by that author. Wicked was meh for me, but I might have liked it more in a different frame of mind (I read it on the beach and wanted a light quick read, and it was far more laborious). LOVE Bet Me and The Sky is Everywhere!

    For some reason I'm not interested in Eat Pray Love (I saw the movie and an Oprah interview with the author, which I felt was sufficient), and I don't really want to read Game of Thrones either. Mostly because it's way too long!!

    • I'm excited to check out the Mara Dyer books but I'm thinking the third book is a fall release, so it'll be later before I crack these two open.

      I think the heaviness/emotion that I've heard about the Hosseini books is probably the reason I look at them, love their pretty covers, and then put them back on the shelves. But I seriously do want to read them so I just need to DO IT before too long.

      Alyssa says that the Gregory Maguire books are sort of tough, so I'm glad to know that before I start them. Sometimes that helps me if I know it beforehand.

      I've heard mixed stuff about Eat Pray Love, but I still want to read it. I want to watch the movie really bad, but you know how I am about watching the movies before reading the books.

    • I'm wondering if maybe I should try to audiobook the GoT series when I do finally decide to read it. Sometimes I like to do that with the chunky books and it helps me, somehow.

      I need to read Eon and Eona. They're SO PRETTY and I love dragons so much. WHY HAVEN'T I READ THEM??

  6. The Sky is Everywhere is one of my ALL TIME favorites! I just adore it, along with Eragon (although the later books lose steam), and the Eona dualogy (excellent!). I desperately need to read A Thousand Splendid Suns and Kite Runner, though. A blogger needs to get a read-along going so I can join and finally read them because I've heard so much about both novels! Also, GAME OF THRONES! I swear, that book and I have a staring competition every time I go to the library. I will pick it up someday…I WILL! 😉 Wonderful list, Asheley! 😀

    • I'll be reading The Sky is Everywhere SUPER SOON. Pretty much all of my trusted reading friends just LOVE that book so I hope I love it too 🙂

      So glad to know the Eona books are great and also Eragon. I have a huge love affair with dragons but sometimes I'm so scared to read the books because I'm afraid of being disappointed!

      A readalong would be fun for the Hosseini books because I've heard they're such great yet intense reads, so they're probably widely discussable (which I love).

      Oh man, Game of Thrones. Just, yes.

  7. I am sooo with you on Game of Thrones, Eon, and the Sky is Everywhere – eeek! MUST READ!

    Khaled Hosseini is a fantastic author (I like Splendid Suns a tad better but both books are amazing)! Also, Bet Me is a really fun romance read.

    Unfortunately, Eat Pray Love was a DNF for me – buuut I think I might be the only person on earth that didn't like this book!

    • I think I've seen/heard about half-half reactions on Eat Pray Love. I have this odd quirk that I WILL NOT watch a movie unless I've read the book, so I will at least give it a go. I hope I'm in the part of the population that likes it because it sounds good, but we'll see!

      Gosh, I need to pick up the Hosseini books. The fact that you've read them and think he's a fantastic author just serves to solidify that I need to make some time for them.

  8. ahh I hope you'll like The Sky Is Everywhere! It's such a beautiful book. Eon/Eona was frustrating at times but I really liked the mythology. Dragons!!

  9. Amy

    GAMEOFTHRONESGAMEOFTHRONESGAMEOFTHRONES. Also THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE. Whew, Asheley, you've got some of my for real forever favorites on this list. I have to say, GoT is absolutely all-consuming, and I love that you have the books, but i have heard very excellent things about the audiobooks too!
    And please, PLEASE read The Sky Is Everywhere soon so we can gush over it and swoon and cry and have the feels. I'm very heartened by the fact that you said you're reading it before any of the others on this list. SIGH.
    Eon/Eona were both excellent. The mythology is far and away the best dragon mythology I've read, but it's also different–I haven't come across many other Asian-based dragon mythologies. I think you'll really enjoy them.

    • I know, right!? THIS LIST just kills me because I just need to have already read so many of these!

      Because GoT is all-consuming – that's the reason I haven't picked it up yet! Perhaps you're right on the audiobooks because I do well with stretching these big, massive all-consuming fantastic epic stories out and loving them when I do the audiobooks with the print copies.

      The Sky is Everywhere is a done thing – it's TOTALLY coming soon. I'll be sure to let you know when I'm starting it, promise!

      The more I see Eon/Eona, the more I want to read it. They're just BEAUTIFUL books and I'm dying to know what's on the inside. DYING to know.

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