Ten of My Goals for 2014 – Bookish & Non-Bookish

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Ten Goals for 2014!

(Bookish, NonBookish, or a Blend)

Note: I do not believe in resolutions. I don’t keep them and I believe that they set me up for failure from the beginning. I choose rather to set goals, and I’m happy that this Top Ten Tuesday allowed us the wording resolution OR goal. This is my own personal believe and not the thought of anyone else. 



1. I’d like to keep up with this book blog because I love it so much, which means bouncing back from a yucky blogging slump that was out of my control. It’s really hard to catch up! Not only that, it’s hard to find a groove of reading other blogs while catching up. I WILL FIND THIS GROOVE. 

2. I’m pretty happy with the way I read and my reading habits. I don’t want to change anything in that area. 

3. TRY TRY TRY to attend bookish events in 2014. I plan to go to BEA in NYC again and I’d love to also hit some that are in some other places, even if travel is involved. YES I realize this is a pretty dang big goal. 

4. Organize my Goodreads shelves the way I want them to be. I’ve been meaning to do this for such a long time. Just the other day I fixed it so my updates will not show up in anyone else’s feed, SO I HAVE NO EXCUSE NOT TO GET STARTED. Let’s do this thing, Asheley. Get on it. 

Semi-Bookish & Non-Bookish:

5. Keep chugging along with my new blog project, Capes and Coffee. I recently started this newer blog based on several things – mainly because: I wanted more happiness in my life, my life is changing, and I’m reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. It has become a place for me to really be transparent about myself, which is a little scary and a little crazy, but I want to keep up with it and see where it goes. It helps me clear my head. 

Still building it. Still ironing out those kinks.
So far, all discussion: mostly personal but I have fun stuff in draft too.
100% raw and unplugged. 

The link is above this picture. 

You can subscribe via email on the site. 
Ya know, if you want.


6. Keep working on my Tumblr. I initially just wanted it to be an extension of my book blog, but it has really become a giant pot of…things I like. I have recently jazzed it up a bit after letting it sit for a while and I want to build it up a little bit because I like…tumbling? Is that what you would call it? 

Um, go check it out if you want.
And if you have a one, let me know in the comments!
I love other interesting Tumblr pages!

The link is above the picture. 

6. Stick with #100HappyDays for 100 Days. The challenge is simple: Can you be happy for 100 days in a row?  Submit a picture every day of some thing in that day that made you happy. Seems simple, right? The website claims that 71% try but do not complete this challenge, citing lack of time. WHAT? I hope I can do better than that. I began yesterday and chose to put my pictures up on my Instagram. They may float around elsewhere too. More happiness is a goal of mine in 2014, so this seemed like a fun challenge to go along with it. 

Check out the challenge HERE and join it too.
You can be happy for 100 days, right?
My first #100HappyDays photo!

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7. #weVerb14 – Stick with #weVerb14. The best way I can explain what this is except that it is a way to look back on the past year and to look ahead at the coming year. The website gives you these small prompts (Day 1 was to compose a haiku for 2013 and one for 2014) and you work on it at your own pace, however you want. I have decided to put my #weVerb14 stuff up on my Tumblr. 

Check out the website HERE
My first #weVerb14 post went up yesterday!
{Day 1: Compose}


8. Continue with a healthier lifestyle: Eat even healthier. Run more. Amp up my exercise. 


9. I have a burning desire – BURNING – to learn to play banjo in 2014. I’m currently looking for a used banjo to take lessons on/with. THIS IS NOT A JOKE. 


10. I want to be a more positive influence to people in 2014. I’ve been through some tough sh$t in 2013 and if I can be an encouragement to at least one person that is going through similar issues – well, I won’t hate 2013 so much. I won’t look back in anger, like the old Oasis song says


Since I’m reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, 
I’m working on a little happiness project of my own, 
which is kind of what #5 is about. BUT ALSO, based on that book, I have written out a list of GOALS FOR MYSELF for this year: 

Some are BIG. 
Some are kind of MEDIUM-SIZED. 
Some are really EASY. 

Those goals are ones that I haven’t really shared with anyone yet. I’ve kept them to myself, close to my heart! One day I’ll open up about them, perhaps when I’m a little less afraid of being so dang transparent! But I’ll be sharing them on my other blog space, Capes and Coffee. 
Leave me your link so I can visit
and check out other goals lists!
I might find a few that I’d like to try.


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25 responses to “Ten of My Goals for 2014 – Bookish & Non-Bookish

  1. I LOVE that you want to play the banjo! Too bad you don't live by me–we have a great school of folk music that teaches lessons like banjo, accordion, etc. Keep us posted on how you do with that–I'd love to hear your progress!

    • I would LOVE to find a great folk music school around here – I don't really know of one but I need to dig around and look. Gotta find the banjo first. I WILL DO THIS. It burns, I want to do it so much. I'm sure I'll annoy everyone with my progress (:

  2. number 6 sounds fun! there is always something everyday that makes me happy. Be it little or big. 🙂

    lol at the banjo. That is so awesome. 🙂

    • Man, I love a banjo like crazy. I want to play so much.

      Yeah, I stumbled on that happy challenge and I wanted to give it a try – if I can't stick with it, it will be because I forget – not because I don't have time. And I will be very disappointed in myself. Because I'm working so hard on being happier this year. We'll see how it goes!

    • Thank you! Last year was my first year and I had to save up for about a year to go, so I knew that as soon as I got home last year, it was time to start saving again. It's particularly important to me to go this year because the end of 2013 was so wonky for me and I feel like I can really look forward to it. I REALLY HOPE it works out for me to get there. It's a HUGE trip for me, coming from NC. And YES, lodging is the biggest chunk, I think.

  3. I love the idea of #100HappyDays! I've been going back and forth on BEA this year (I've never been) but I sadly don't think it's going to happen. I love reading everyone's recaps though!
    And I hope you try the banjo! Fun 🙂

  4. Oh goodness gracious yes Goodreads needs to be organized for this kid as well!

    GO YOU for being on Tumblr! I am way too much of an old lady to even figure it out for myself, but I like to read them!

    I am STOKED for a Banjo playing Asheley in 2014! GO YOU!

    • I'm seriously diving into Goodreads. I'm gonna do it. It looks scary from here, though.
      Tumblr is very fun. Very very fun for fangirls like myself.
      BANJO FOREVER. I can't even. They make me squeal and clap and my heart is racing right now even talking to you about it.

  5. I totally understand you on #10. Sometimes I feel like I let bad things change my attitude. I tried being an advocate once, but quit when I realized I was too negative all the time.

    Playing the banjo sounds awesome! (Although I am picturing Andy Bernard from The Office singing to Pam, The Rainbow Connection). Ha ha ha.

    • I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ANDY and when he sings and plays his banjo. I love that he plays bluegrass and banjo in real life, and I am the nerd that watches him on youtube when he sings bluegrass with Steve Martin. I love that you mentioned this scene from The Office! Made me happy.

  6. Definitely with you on the healthier thing. I need to be consistent about it instead of doing the whole eat healthy-eat crappy thing, which is a bad pattern. And for keeping the blog going. I like it, I have a great time with it but I find my self slumping with it more often than not.

    • Oh yes, I changed my eating habits a few months ago and have found that changing my lifestyle makes me feel so much better. I want to maintain that and keep running, and maybe add more healthy things like other exercises and things. Feeling better makes me happier and is just GOOD, ya know?

  7. I hope you find a banjo. Learning to play would be amazing! And, I hope I get to see you at BEA again this year 🙂 Going is one of the factors motivating me during these cold, dragging winter days.

    • Oh, I plan on finding a banjo. I'm looking high and low. I can't wait. It has to be affordable and then I'm going to annoy everyone around me. I'm like that kid that wants a toy so bad that they can't stand it…

      And I'm the same about BEA – it's like a thing that I'm looking to. Everything in my year seems to be before-BEA and after-BEA which sounds crazy but that's just how my mind is working right now. I hope it works out for me to go.

  8. The banjo sounds really fun. Would like to hear how you do with that. The organizing of your Goodreads, good luck! I am planning the same thing and each time I go over there, I'm overwhelmed with where to start. Wish I had done it from the beginning.LOL

  9. This is the BEST Resolution/ Goal list I have read yet! First off the practical: I love your GR organizational goal–I need to do this too and I'm DREADING it. If you find an easy way to handle this/ and or cool tips please let me know.

    Second, I have NO doubts that you will get your groove back in all things blog/ reading related.

    Next, I cannot tell you how much I love #6–LOVE. IT. I can't wait to check out how this goes for you this year. And #7 looks awesome as well.

    Capes & Coffee is great–I love reading more of your raw and unfiltered ramblings:)

    And lastly, you are already a positive influence and inspiration to me–but I appreciate your wanting to be more to everyone else this year. I have no doubts that this goal will be met easily:)

    Oh and playing the banjo? AWESOME. 🙂


  10. Great resolutions, Ashley! I also plan to keep my blog going. I also want to try and chip away at my ginormous TBR list.

    I'm actually trying to get into Tumblr as well. I only recently got into it. I'm still not quite sure what I'm doing with it, but it seems to be a mixture of bookish things and other random photos. Here's a link to mine 🙂

    My Top Ten Resolutions for 2014

    Best of wishes for your 2014 resolutions!
    Kris @Imaginary Reads

  11. I'm going to BEA toooo. Meet-up? LOL! We should start making a list of who we know we'll see…or at least I'll forget!

    Aww, your Goodreads updates don't show up anymore? Sad! I like knowing what people are reading.

    Ahhh….Kat just made me sign up for Tumblr this weekend and start with a blog extension. I'm still trying to figure out what the heck I do, lol! (I know how to follow, at least….I'll go find you now!)

    Haha, and I just finished reading SLOANE last night!

  12. Good luck with the banjo! Every banjo played should be required to learn the theme to Deliverance, by the way. 🙂

    I wouldn't even know how to go about organizing my GR shelves. I know I have too many books in my "Want to Read," so that definitely needs to be culled.

    I'm hoping to make it to BEA, too. I loved it last year. But I need to follow your # 8 goal before I'd be willing to go. Hopefully that will provide sufficient motivation!

    Have an awesome 2014, Asheley!

    Stephanie @ Inspiring Insomnia

  13. What awesome goals! I love all the different websites you're doing; sound awesome! I really hope to make it to BEA this year, even though I've been saying that every year! Good luck with your goals and have a great year!

  14. I really love that you dug deep for these goals, Asheley. I've been enjoying your posts on Capes and Coffee. It's been wonderful getting to know you on another level, and I look forward to more. I also love that you're working towards being happier overall — it's a goal I think we all should have anyway!

    I'm definitely looking forward to seeing you at BEA. Hopefully, we get a chance to hang out a little bit more this year than last year 🙂

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