Ten Reasons I Love Being A Reader!

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Ten Reasons I Love Being A Reader!

1. I love being a reader because I love escaping to other places. Sometimes (lots of times) I get tired of the noise of life or the negativity on the news or the sadness going on in life around me, so when I read I can go WHEREVER I am reading about. I can completely drown out everything around me for a little while. 

2. I love being a reader because I love reading about worlds that do not really exist. The Four Corners of Civilization (Patrick Rothfuss) and the Nevernever (Julie Kagawa) are some of my favorites. I am amazed by the imagination that some authors have and it doesn’t bother me ONE BIT that I am not blessed with that gift. I get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. 
Most recent favorite!

3. I love being a reader because technology has also advanced to the place where I can carry around PEOPLE READING TO ME in my pocket via Audible and Overdrive apps on my phone. You guys, I am a large advocate for the use of audiobooks and I have one on me ALL THE TIME. Sometimes I may be listening to more than one at a time, and I love that I also choose to follow along in print more often than not. This is one of my favorite parts of being a reader. 


4. I love being a reader because I really and truly enjoy illustrations and great cover and spine art. Being able to hold a book in my hands and flip through the pages and touch the cover and look under the cover at the actual book and look at the spine – such a joyous thing for me. It is dangerous for me to go into a bookstore, but when I do – I just want to touch the covers and flip through the books even more than I want to buy them sometimes. 

< I choose not to add a picture here because I cannot choose among my almost-embarrassing large pool of pictures I carry around on my phone simply because they are so lovely to look at. > 


5. I love being a reader because I love to re-read. I love to SIT IN and WALLOW IN and BASK IN the glory of the stories that I love over and over and over. I love to remember pieces and parts of them when I’m going on about my day because it makes me smile – much like parts of life remind music lovers of certain lyrics. 


6. I love being a reader because I love finding an author that I love and STICKING WITH HIM/HER. I am intensely loyal with movie directors and musicians/bands – authors are no exceptions. I fangirl over the next title and in some cases, some authors are instant-read/instant-buy regardless of whether or not I read the synopsis. 


Old Kindle + Treadmill!
7. I love being a reader because technology has advanced such that I can carry my books around with me all the time. In my pocket, in my bag, in my hand while I’m on my treadmill – you name it, I can practically have a book at my fingertips and that is truly spectacular. I never could have imagined as a child that reading would have advanced to the place it has today with smartphone apps and ereader devices. It’s amazing. I love reading in the checkout lines on snow days and everybody has to buy bread and eggs and really insane groceries and the lines is miles long. WE CAN DO THAT NOW without lugging around heavy books and looking at gossip-y magazines! I LOVE IT. 

8. I love reading because I am able to have my own little space on the internet that I can make my own to talk about books the way I want to and people can visit it if they want to and I just think that is really something special. Like I said earlier, I never could have imagined years ago that something like this would even be possible – let alone so widely available and popular – today. 

9. I love being a reader because it is SO VERY EASY to be so widely connected with a community of people that love reading as much as I do and that GET ME and how much I love the things I love and don’t think I’m some crazy person because I can’t breathe over certain audiobook narrators or can’t look directly at certain book covers or have actual heart rate reactions over certain cliffhangers or cry actual tears over certain things in books…I could go on and on but this community is just the best and it is a super cool thing to be connected to it. 


10. I love being a reader because TO ME one of life’s greatest joys is discussing books with other readers. We do not have to agree on the book. We do not have to both like the book. But as long as we can be respectful in our discussion, I have found that there is so much to learn from the way other people read and most often my reading friends see things in the same books and characters that I do not. I LOVE THAT.  


I really think it is supercool to be a reader. 
I love raising a house full of readers and 
being married to a reader. 

I think reading is going to only get cooler as time 
goes by (regardless of the way we purchase the books). The books 
will always be there as long as people will write them, and as long
as people write them, people will read them. 

I’m interested in why other people love to read 
why other people love to blog. 
I didn’t list those reasons today but I DO love to blog.

Why do YOU love to read and/or blog? 



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You can find her somewhere in North Carolina, daydreaming about the ocean.

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14 responses to “Ten Reasons I Love Being A Reader!

  1. ooooooooh I totally forgot about the cover art and even audiobooks (which I LOVE!) I love both the new technology (hello, reading on my phone at 3am laying in bed) and the old book smell and just having piles of books and feeling at home in a book store. Awesome list!

  2. Yes, yes, YES. I agree with all your points, Ash. And I didn't even to think to add the whole developing technology angle with e-readers and iphone reader apps and audiobooks–I absolutely love all those things too. It has made reading so much more accessible and fun for everyone!

    I'm totally with you on your points about bookish discussions and the blogging community. I feel exactly the same and they made my TTT list as well. Mostly I love being a blogger/ reader because it has allowed to enter into AMAZING friendships with people all over the world–like YOU. That is the thing that has meant the most to me 🙂
    My TTT

  3. I love to reread my favorite books and, like you, wallow in the world. Hell, I'd swim in it, if possible, handing out hugs to my favorite characters (well, that visual didn't really work but I'm too lazy to delete it.).

  4. I definitely agree, Asheley! I love being able to re-read books, discuss them with such a vibrant and accepting community of readers, sticking to authors and watching them grow as writers just as we grow as readers, and especially being able to escape into all those worlds. Fantastic Top Ten, dear! 🙂

  5. It is amazing to think about how much technology has aided readers. When I was young, I always packed a ton of books when I traveled. That was merely a hassle back the, but now it would be nearly impossible due to baggage restrictions and fees.

    I've recently gotten back into audiobooks via Audible and Overdrive, and it's such a nice complement to the more "traditional" reading experience. Again, yay for technology, because I used to listen to them on CD's, and going even further back…cassettes! It's so much more convenient now.

  6. I love basically everything you've included on your list, even though I'm not a huge audiobook listener. I always try though and have found readers I love, but I don't think it really suits me. I definitely learn by read something myself – not an auditory learner at all, so I think I struggle with audibooks because I can't get my mind to really focus on what's going on. And I read so much faster than people narrate, which is why I can't usually follow along in print either. BUT I do love that this is your thing 🙂

    Anyway, the one on your list that I most loved (and forgot to include on mine) was the part about being a re-reader! Oh gosh, I just love everything you say about it. I'm always surprised when I find out people don't like to re-read because I get so much joy about of revisiting my favorites over and over again.

    Even though I've never heard your voice, I felt like I could hear you saying all these things! Your post is so passionate and so you. Loved it <3

  7. This is basically an excellent list, Asheley! I absolutely agree with these reasons that you love being a reader, especially because most of them are reasons I love it too. It's such a magical experience, isn't it? Reading's the best! And I'm happy that I get to discuss things with other passionate readers, like you!

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