Ten Things That Make Life As A Reader & Book Blogger Easier!

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Top Ten Tuesday: 

Ten Things That Make Life 
As A Reader/Book Blogger Easier!

– This is my most-visited website. (Nerd Alert!) 
– It has FLAWS. But I love it. 
– Wanna be Goodreads friends? We should be!*
No offense to anyone, but I’m not talking about authors that friend me, 
then send me a review request two seconds later. I mean people that want to 
talk about about books and be bookish friends. If you’re one of those people, seriously, let’s be Goodreads friends!

*I realize this is a screenshot of the app. I use both the app and the website, but prefer the website. 


2. My friends, Alex and Kate. 

I have great vision, I SWEAR! 
Hardly any prescription at all. 
But my eyes get really tired
and blurry so I have these little pals to help.


3. My Box of Bookmarks. 

– You can’t tell, but it’s sparkly and shiny. 
– I never use the same bookmark twice in a row. (Nerd Alert!) 
– It sits by my bed. 


4. What is this thing called? A lap board? 

So what if I don’t like for my arms to get tired while I hold 
books and/or my Kindle? BIG DEAL. 
Also, if you follow my Instagram, you probably 
see it show up in a lot of my pictures.  


5. Earbuds. 

I often listen to music while I read and blog because I live in an 
extremely noisy house. My favorite music (and the easiest, IMO) to listen to is All The Bright Lights, Explosions in the Sky, or El Ten Eleven – this is all post-modern rock-type music without words, so it’s easy to drown out background noise while not confusing your reading mind! 
– Also HELLO I’m a big audiobooker. Need the earbuds. I actually wear them inside my clothes every day because I use them so much. NOT A JOKE.

I actually just broke these YESTERDAY (my fourth pair this year) but I’ll be buying more just like them TODAY. I think I’ll stick with read. All of my previous pairs this year have been purple!


6. Audible!

I realize that my library has audiobooks, but there are some that I listen to over and over. This is a bit of a splurge for our budget, but it is one that I don’t mind making sacrifices for. 


My audible account is one of the best things EVER and I love it so much. 


7. Coffee. 

I like to drink coffee while I read and sometimes wine or beer at night. 
(I’m over 21, kiddos!)
 Here are my favorite coffee cups! You may have seen them before if you followed my Instagram early on, but I love them enough to post them again because AREN’T THEY LOVELY.


8. My BFF, aka my Kindle. 

I love this Kindle so hardcore. However, it recently had a drink spilled on it so it’s literally on it’s last leg. Some of the buttons aren’t working and the direction key doesn’t move in every direction. 

I need to, I really do. 
$$$$ EEEKKKK $$$$ 

Y’all I’m so attached to this Kindle that it goes everywhere with me. If I forget it, even if I’m just going down the street, I go back home and get it. You never know when a trip turns out to be unexpectedly long and you need reading material…(of course, I also carry around actual books with me, but that’s a different story…).


9. My Library Cards.

This girl loves her libraries! Yes, two of them. 
My county has a growing selection and for that I am thankful. But I also have a larger county a few hours away from which I purchase a yearly membership so I can check out their ebooks and audiobooks using the Overdrive system. (My library doesn’t do this.) 




I can’t imagine reading or book blogging without other readers to share it with. 
It would be hardly any fun at all. You guys are THE BEST and I mean it from the bottom of my heart. 


I’m gonna read not matter what, you guys. That won’t change. 
But these things make it much easier for me. 

This week, I could’ve made my list much longer!
What made your list?



About Asheley

Asheley is a Southern girl. She loves Carolina blue skies, Ben & Jerry's ice cream, and NC craft beer. She loves all things history but prefers books over everything.

You can find her somewhere in North Carolina, daydreaming about the ocean.

Find Asheley on Litsy @intothehallofbooks!


25 responses to “Ten Things That Make Life As A Reader & Book Blogger Easier!

  1. I love how others included bloggers in this list. I wish I would have thought about that because really, having people you can talk to or bounce ideas off of is the best.

    And haha, I LOVE that you named your glasses! I've never thought to do that. I couldn't survive without my glasses.

    Boo coffee! 😉

    And just sent you a friend request on Goodreads 😀

    • Other reading friends/bloggers is KEY for me – I love being able to gush over a book I love or keyboard-smash when I get angry at a character – things like that. And my glasses are named after the types they are, what brands. Haha! I name everything, it's weird I know.


  2. Your list is the best I've seen so far! I totally forgot about my glasses… they are literally my lifesaver during late night readings! And I totally feel you on a lap desk. I don't use mine that much, but I always have to have a pillow in my lap if I'm reading. It gets me funny looks sometimes, but whatever. 🙂

    • My eyes get so tired that I don't think I'd make it thru a day reading as much as I do without them. They aren't really strong as far as a prescription but for some reason THEY JUST HELP, ya know? And this lap desk thing, I just love it so much. I use it far too often and rely on it far too much. (:

  3. Jac

    I thought I was the only person who never used the same bookmark twice in a row!!! *giggle* (I often just leave it in the book – my librarian has mentioned that a few people have even mentioned how they love getting a book with a bookmark in it! LOL!)

    -Jac @ For Life, Love and Books

  4. I love this post! My top picks would be: Friends for discussion, fangirling and commiseration! Library cards! Goodreads! and my iPhone, because I'm a weirdo and would rather read on that than my kindle. I'm a horrible mess about bookmarks, and seem to loose them every time I put down a book. BUT, I LOVE your system. It's so wonderfully YOU.

    • Gotta have my bookmarks in my sparkly box! Haha! I'll read on my phone if I have to and sometimes like in lines at stores, but I have this BFF relationship with my good ole' Kindle. Like right now it's sitting here on the left of me, on the arm of my chair. It's off, and I'm not using it, not planning on it right now, but here it is within reach because I MIGHT DECIDE TO USE IT. Ha!

  5. Eeeep! I love this list. GoodReads is just the best. Thing. Ever.

    I really need to try audiobooks…

    I want a lap desk!

    Also those coffee mugs, but I will drink tea.

    I think you should make a post about your music playlist for your favorite book! Or books!

    • I don't know where I'd be without audiobooks. Sometimes I prefer them over books because I just don't want to hold anything in my hands, so I put my book or Kindle on the lapdesk and turn on the audiobook and follow along, only moving my arms to click or turn the page. THAT IS LAZY, I know, or perhaps the smartest thing EVER – you decide.

      Also, my coffee mugs are some of my favorite things. I can't believe how much I love them!

      I just listen to music without words to drown out the background noise. Unless of course the world will be quiet for me, which rarely if ever happens. It never happens.

  6. Oh my gosh I love that you don't use the same bookmark twice in a row! And I already raved about those coffee mugs but OMG they are so freaking adorable!!!

  7. This is an awesome post, Asheley! Ha, I loved that you name your glasses 😉 A lap desk sounds perfect and YAY on library cards and bloggy buddies! Basically, I love your whole list.

  8. My library, Goodreads, and Audible were all on my list, too! I cannot for the life of me remember if I included my Kindle or not, but that was a total fail if I didn't because, like you, I never go anywhere without it. I got to work one day and realized I'd left it at home on my nightstand and I legit felt off all day because of it EVEN THOUGH I never have time to read at work except sometimes on my lunch break. But still, knowing I didn't have it made me feel so antsy!

    I love that you included coffee and your earbuds! Those are definitely two things I would have expected to see on your list now that I've gotten to know you 🙂

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