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How do you guys like that picture up there? 
That is my current facebook profile picture. 
It is me. 
I think it is hilarious, but I have a weird sense of humor. 

Earlier in this week – Well, last Saturday to be exact – 
being a more organized blogger, including some specific places to start in my organization process. I had a ton of traffic to this post and received some great input from those that decided to leave me advice. 


If you would still be willing to weigh in, TRUST ME, I’m still up for any suggestions you’d like to give as I’m still trying them all out. I’m finding that a combination of many of them is what is working best for me right now. Please visit HERE to leave me advice or suggestions or being a more organized blogger!


WHILE I’m working both behind the scenes to get organized and catching up on some review posts and performing general blog maintenance, I have decided that I’m going to slow down on reading some of my review books. NOT TOO MUCH, THOUGH, SO NO FREAKING OUT. (You guys, I am such a voracious reader that I’m not keeping up with reviewing as quick as I am reading – and this is for various reasons that I can talk about later. THIS is one of the organizational things I’m working on…) 

DO YOU?? I know you do. 

The Darkest Fire (Book #0.5) 
The Darkest Night (Book #1) 
The Darkest Kiss (Book #2)

I’ve started reading Gena Showalter’s Lords of the Underword Series – this is a paranormal fantasy romance series that has an urban fantasy-feel – and I’m FLYING thru them. I’m reading along with my pal Book Rock Betty and MAN I’m thankful to her for this stellar and perfect-for-me suggestion. Friends, it is a rare occasion that I read series books back-to-back, but these are so much fun. PLUS they’re allowing me to continue to get lost in reading while working on my blog in the background and thankfully I do not feel like I’m falling behind. 

**I think there is something to be said for having FANTASTIC reading friends that are able to give great recommendations and that allow you to jump on their reading kicks with them. Thanks, Betty! 

As an added bonus, I’ve taken myself with some pictures of these books. Would you like to see? SURE YOU WOULD. 

Left: Things are getting good in The Darkest Fire
Right: Starting The Darkest Night

Left: Oh look! Where I go, the Lords of the Underworlds go. 
Right: No time to waste! Start The Darkest Kiss immediately. NOW.
(I didn’t even get up from my seat. I finished the previous book and clicked right over.)


I’m currently brainstorming a feature along with a secret someone else that involves this book: 

This would hopefully be a co-feature and would be a regular event on the blog, but it is still in the early stages of planning and this is just the FIRST BOOK. The following books would be all different types, categories, and genres. I’m very excited and hopeful! 

This particular book is written by a North Carolina author and takes place in the Appalachian mountains in the 1960’s – it has a very interesting style and a very interesting story. You may recognize the author as the gentleman that wrote the book Cold Mountain (and yes, that is the same book that became the movie). 

True to my own quirky self, I am both reading this in print AND listening to the audiobook because the narrator is one of my favorites: Will Patton (who is also the voice of The Raven Boys and The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater). 

I can’t wait to see IF and HOW this sweet little newborn baby feature of mine pans out and what book we come up with next! The next book is my choice!


Squeaking back into things slowly on the blog, 
I DID manage to write a few reviews: 

Forever by Karen Ann Hopkins – this is the final installment in her Temptation Series – I LOVED the series from beginning to end. Check out this post to win an incredible prize pack from HarlequinTEEN. It’s so great, you guys. Books and Amazon Gift Cards. 

Give Me Something by Elizabeth Lee – this is the first book in the Give Me Something Series by one of my favorite authors, Elizabeth Lee. 

Taking Something by Elizabeth Lee – this is the companion sequel to Give Me Something from the Give Me Something Series. You guys, I loved it even more than Give Me Something. Check out this post to win great things from several great authors and an Amazon Gift Card. Monies, y’all! 

Tin Star by Cecil Castellucci – this is a space opera that had a few things that I liked and some things that appeared a bit wonky. Check out my thoughts to see what’s what and to peep at one of the prettiest covers so far this year. 


Anything look interesting up there? 

Have any of you read the Lords of the Underworld Series by Gena Showalter because OH WOW they are so much fun! 

Stop by the reviews I have listed if you haven’t already and leave some love. It warms my heart in these cold February days. 

Has anything interesting been happening in your blogs or on blogs that you read that I should know about? 



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12 responses to “This Week In A Snapshot {1}

  1. The LotU is so much fun. I don't think I've read the most recent one yet though.

    This year I'm only allowing myself to request two review books at a time. If I review them, then I can get more. I read really fast but the reviewing was falling behind. I've also found that since I started doing this, I'm reading more from my existing book pile instead.

  2. *waves* Hi lady! You look adorable in all those pictures. I know I haven't stopped by and left you any love lately. Darn school getting in the way of my blogging life. Anyway, I really like this new feature, and I'm glad that you have so many exciting things in the works. Can't wait to see them! <3

  3. I haven't actually read anything by Gena Showalter, although I've got like two of her books laying around, but they aren't the Underworld books. Anyways.

    That picture is funny!

    Also, yeah review books can be a bit of a pain, I think, but who am I to talk hahahaha.

  4. I'm so happy you are enjoying these books with me! You know how much I love Gena Showalter, so when people rave about her books it makes me bounce around like a gummi bear! I love binge reading series… and I'm the same way— it has be REALLY GOOD for me to bang em out all in a row!

  5. This is a fantastic idea!! I have tried to do these type of posts in the past, and they worked for a while…but they're also a lot of hard work to put together sometimes and I'm lazy by nature, lol. So if they're easy for you to whip up, I say go for it! 😀 And I love that picture of you. hehe

    Also…LORDS OF THE UNDERWORLD!! I remember reading the first few of that series a couple years ago and I loved them! I should really pick them back up and read the more current ones…

  6. Also reading LOTU! Just finished Darkest Kiss!! OMG Lucien. Loved this one even more than darkest night! Now i need darkest pleasure asap! I love love the paranormal/mythology feel to them!

  7. THE LORDS OF THE UNDERWORLD ASHELEY! YESSSSSSSS! One of my favorite series, those boys are just awesome. William, Strider and Paris are my favorites, they crack me up. And Paris's book? *sobs* My favorite of the group. I believe she's working on Torin now and I absolutely cannot wait for him. Poor guy:( So glad you're whipping right through them!

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