Top Ten Childhood Favorites {6}

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Ten Childhood Favorites That Made Me 
(Drop Everything And Read)

1. The Babysitters Club Series
by Ann M. Martin 
These books may have defined part of my childhood. 
I think my favorite one was #10, Logan Likes Mary Anne! 
I looooved Logan with his sweet Southern accent. 
If you’ve ever heard me talk, you know why. 
2. Everything by Roald Dahl 
I’m assuming this one is self-explanatory. 
My favorites are Matilda,
Fantastic Mr. Fox,
James and the Giant Peach
and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Oh! and The Twits. Love those crazy Twits. 
3. The Little House Series
by Laura Ingalls Wilder 
I’m assuming this will also be self-explanatory. 
I used to want to be Laura
~little Half-Pint~
with a family as awesome as hers
and a dog as cool as Jack.

4. The Sweet Valley Twins Series 
by Francine Pascal
ALL of my friends loved these books. 
Looking back, I don’t remember that much about them
except that they were about twins 
and there was plenty of drama!! 
I can’t believe how dated these covers are-
makes me feel SUPER OLD!

5. Judy Blume’s books, all of them. 
I have a book crush on Peter Warren Hatcher for-e-ver, 
and who didn’t love all of the Fudge books – 
but my favorite is Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. –
not only because of the awesomely old cover (this is the edition I had!)
but because it let me know that every other girl had 
awful things happen to them too when they grew up.
~body changes and bras and stuff~
Love you, Judy Blume! 
6. The Nancy Drew Mysteries
by Carolyn Keene 
These books are SO NEAR AND DEAR 
to my heart because my precious Grandma 
bought me the entire hardback set, 
little by little every year for Christmas.
Before them, I had never read mysteries. 
After them, I devoured mysteries. 
I shared them with my friends, 
and I can’t wait for my girls to want to read them. 
I still have them packed away. 

6. Flowers in the Attic
by V.C. Andrews
This book was so horrifying to me
but I think I checked it out of the library more than any other book
I never owned my own copy
because I was too scared to. 
But I ate it up every time I read it. 
(sadly, it’s the only Andrews book I’ve ever read!)

7. The Ramona Quimby Series
by Beverly Cleary
Ramona Geraldine Quimby 
was pretty much my book BFF was I was a kid. 
Now, she’s pretty much my kiddos’ book BFF. 
We’ve come full circle, folks, and it’s awesome. 
Ramona Quimby, Age 8 was always my favorite of the series. 

8. The Anne of Green Gables Series
by L. M. Montgomery 

I love these books SO HARD. 

Anne Shirley was definitely my kindred spirit. 
Gilbert Blythe was one of my first real book crushes. 
(I wanted red hair so he could call me “Carrot” too.)
And I loved Marilla Cuthbert so much. 
I could go on and on and on about these books for hours. 
I seriously need to think about a re-read. 

10. The Boxcar Children Series
by Gertrude Chandler Warner 
Everything awesome about childrens’ books
is included in this series. 


I have to give a shout-out to Christopher Pike and R.L. Stine 
for keeping me scared out of my mind during middle school! 
I read these books voraciously, along with all of my friends. 
We LOVED being so scared. 
But these covers, dude! I wouldn’t even let the books stay in my bedroom. 
I’d make them stay in the living room or the kitchen
because they sometimes had glow in the dark letters on them. 
Rock On, Mr. Pike and Mr. Stine. 


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15 responses to “Top Ten Childhood Favorites {6}

  1. Loved Flowers in the Attic! I think I read it in middle school. I have sadly never read Anne of Green Gables, but I am watching it right now with my kids. LOL Great list:)

  2. oh my god, AWESOME. roald dahl, and r.l. stein! WOOT. and i freaking LOVED LOVED the laura ingalls wilder and anne and the green gables!!! all my childhood favorites! i love it love it!

    xoxo victorie 🙂

  3. Fantastic list! Anne of Green Gables series, Judy Blume books, Nancy Drew mysteries…it seems we loved a lot of the same books as kiddos 🙂

    My book club almost read Flowers in the Attic (one member's childhood fave) but some folks were turned off by the incestuous nature of the book. I'm still curious, and after making your list I'm definitely going to read it now!

  4. YEAH ROALD DAHL!!! I loved his books so much. I think James and Giant Peach and Matilda will always be my favorites. I think I read some of The Babysitter's Club, but I honestly can't remember. Fail. Fantastic list Asheley!

  5. FEAR STREET! CHRISTOPHER PIKE! Yes, I loved loved loved these books. And I honestly don't even know how I forgot Babysitter's Club. I had like a bajillion of these books. I may need to go edit my post like immediately.

  6. Um, yes to ALMOST all of those, only I was an RL Stine person rather than a Christopher Pike person. And I never did SVH.

    I forgot Beverly Cleary on my list, but I love Ramona and Henry and pretty much all of them. HURRAY FOR CHILDHOOD.

  7. Hahaha! I was scrolling down through your post, hoping I'll see RL Stine there and there he is!!! I loved the Fear Street series, I was devouring one book after another and couldn't wait for the new ones to come out! 🙂 So glad you loved them, too!

    I recall watching Babysitters Club in TV, but I never knew there was a book! 🙂 How cool!

    These are some lovely books! I guess I was more of a creep as a child, as I read mostly RL Stine and X Files books. And then I moved on to Stephen King and Dead Koontz 😛

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog today! I finally added your blog to my blog roll, so I can see all your updates right away and come running to check them out! 🙂

    LOVE!!! <3

  8. I never read any Roald Dahl, Boxcar Children, or Little House on the Prairie. I did, however, absolutely adore Nancy Drew and the Ramona books. My sister used to collect the Fear Street books, so I read quite a lot of them throughout the years as well.

  9. Eeep! Logan was so crushworthy!

    Oh I forgot about Matilda and James and the Giant Peach. They were such awesome books.

    I just love that Anne girl *sighs*. Even to this day, I'm always on the lookout for kindred spirits.

    Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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