Top Ten Tuesday {5}

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Ten Authors I’d Love To Have
Sharing My Table at Thanksgiving

1The One, The Only

Come on, people!
Let’s not act like we didn’t already know this. 
Nerdfighter for life, right here
(Probably the oldest one.)
**John, it doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving,
you’re invited to any meal, any time.

hank green vlogbrothers
2.  Hank Green
brother to John & fellow Nerdfighter
While Hank Green might not be an author in the sense we are used to, 
he is an avid reader and very bookish. He is the creator of
this awesome little gem of a movement, which I love:
Simply put: Read it first before you see the movie! 
Welcome to the Diary page
3. Patrick Ness, of course. 
Chaos Walking Trilogy.
No other comment necessary. 


4. Justin Torres 

I have so many questions and comments about 
Torres’ book We The Animals
Mostly, I have a big, huge question about the end. 
No better person to ask than the person who wrote it. 
And no better place than the Thanksgiving table, right?  

5. Erin Morgenstern

Erin Morgenstern wrote what is probably one of my 
top three books this year. 

The Night Circus

I think I’d love to talk to her about 

the process of writing a first book, the cover art, everything. 
and…MAGIC! Because she wrote it SO WELL. 
6. Ellen Hopkins

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a Poet at the table? 
I have never grown such an immense respect for an author 
in such a short amount of time. 
In just a couple of weeks, I have DEVOURED 
three of Hopkins’ books 
(Triangles, Crank, & Glass
and am eager to devour the rest of them. 
I would give so much to talk about her process, her history, 
the thoughts behind her stories, 
and where she summons her strength when she writes. 
 I’d also LOVE to talk about her status as a challenged author
Ellen Hopkins is amazing and her work is unlike any other

7. Tahereh Mafi
Author of Shatter Me (SOOO excellent!)
Mafi is very interactive with her fans, particularly 
on Twitter – which is basically where I live. 
She’d be a DELIGHT at my Thanksgiving table because
almost all of her tweets make me laugh. 
She’s just really, really funny and I really love that!

Rick Riordan
8. Rick Riordan 

I love Percy Jackson. So, so much. 

Also, I love Mythology. 
It seems natural that Rick should be at my holiday dinner.

8. John Connolly 

Author of this AMAZING book: 

The Book of Lost Things
If you’ve read the book, you understand why
Connolly needs a place at the table. 
He MUST be an interesting dude if he can write a story like this. 
Plus, he has other great books. 
9. Cormac McCarthy
I’d totally set a place and cross my fingers. 
A gal can dream, right?
10. Anne Rice

I have tons of questions for Anne Rice…
that should only be answered by Anne Rice.
Once again, what better place than at Thanksgiving??


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14 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday {5}

  1. I'm trying to imagine Rick Riordan (who I have met several times) and Cormac McCarthy (who has not shown up to receive a prestigious prize at an event I attended) in a conversation. Rick would never stop talking and Cormac would probably not speak (if he showed up at all!)

    Here's my Top Ten: Top Ten Authors I'd Love to Have at My Thanksgiving Feast. I hope you will stop by and sign up for my November Giveaway and my Gratitude Giveaway. I'm giving away two $25 Amazon gift cards!

  2. Rick Riordan! Woooo! That would make for an awesome Thanksgiving table. I would just talk about Percy the whole time. Also, I would attempt to see if Riordan has any secret connections with Logan Lerman as he does play Riordan's character. (Yes, I have a big, giant secret crush on Lerman :P)
    This seems a bit like it's all over the place. Sorry about that. 😛

  3. Gah, I loved reading The Night Circus so much, it was all I could do not to go straight back to the beginning as soon as I'd finished the first time. And speaking of the cover art, have you checked out the UK version? I might like it ever more than the US.

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