Day of the Dead by Nicci French | Review

Day of the Dead by Nicci Fre..

REVIEW: I did something unusual this time and started a series with the final book first, which is super out-of-character for me but it really worked here. Day of the Dead is the last book in the Frieda Klein series by Nicci French, and I loved it. Going into this series, I had heard plenty […]

Posted August 7, 2018
The Last Rodeo by Delores Fossen | Review

The Last Rodeo by Delores Fo..

Review: The Last Rodeo by Delores Fossen was a really nice change of pace for me. I very rarely go into an established series without starting from the beginning, but I loved the idea of a male lead from a nice family, known for his bad personality, called “Lucifer” as a nickname by the people […]

Posted July 23, 2018
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When We Found Home by Susan Mallery | Review

When We Found Home by Susan ..

REVIEW: When We Found Home by Susan Mallery in a nutshell is the story of three siblings who end up with one another after their much-older grandfather goes to great lengths to bring them together as family. All three have the same father but three different mothers. They all have different backgrounds and come from […]

Posted July 19, 2018
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Left by Mary Hogan | Review

Left by Mary Hogan | Review

Review: Left by Mary Hogan is the story of how life changes for Paul and Fay Agarra after Fay begins to notice mental status changes with Paul while the couple vacations in Spain and after their return home. At first, it seems like small incidents of forgetfulness or grouchiness here and there, but soon Paul […]

Posted July 5, 2018
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Between You and Me by Susan Wiggs | Review

Between You and Me by Susan ..

Review: Between You and Me by Susan Wiggs is yet another book that I wish I had read along with someone else because I so wish I could have discussed these characters’ lives and choices as they were living and making them. By the time I got to the later parts of the story and […]

Posted June 29, 2018
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Herons Landing by JoAnn Ross | Review

Herons Landing by JoAnn Ross..

Review: After reading and loving Home to Honeymoon Harbor by JoAnn Ross yesterday, I quickly finished Herons Landing, which is the first full-length novel in the Honeymoon Harbor series. Herons Landing features Brianna Mannion and Seth Harper, who end up working together on a restoration project for a historical home in the area. There are […]

Posted May 24, 2018
Home to Honeymoon Harbor by JoAnn Ross | Review

Home to Honeymoon Harbor by ..

Review: I loved Home to Honeymoon Harbor by JoAnn Ross! I read it in a short time before I went to bed last night because I  planned to start the first full-length novel (Heron’s Landing) today. This is the story of Sarah Harper and John Mannion, set in 1985. This is a small-town second-chance romance […]

Posted May 23, 2018
Leaving Everest by Megan Westfield | Review & Giveaway

Leaving Everest by Megan Wes..

Review: OH MY GOSH. How much did I love this book? I loved it so, so much. You guys may not realize how much I love reading about mountaineering and Mount Everest and the Himalayas. I have been obsessed with climbing for ages and I’ve read and watched a ton of mountaineering stuff since way […]

Posted May 21, 2018
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Cockroaches by Jo Nesbo | Review

Cockroaches by Jo Nesbo | Re..

Review: I loved The Bat by Jo Nesbo so I was excited to read Cockroaches. Cockroaches is the second book in the Harry Hole series, but I’ve seen many people say to skip directly to the third book because the first two aren’t as good as the rest of them. I genuinely hate skipping books in […]

Posted May 17, 2018
Summer at Willow Lake by Susan Wiggs | Review

Summer at Willow Lake by Sus..

Review: I loved this book. Summer at Willow Lake is the beginning of a series of family saga stories with a lot of time spent focusing on the main characters, there is also much (maybe equal?) page time given to introducing the secondary cast for future installments. In this case, the entire extended Bellamy family […]

Posted May 16, 2018