Audiobook Review | Coming In From The Cold by Sarina Bowen

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Coming In From the Cold by Sarina Bowen
Audiobook Review | Coming In From The Cold by Sarina BowenComing In From The Cold by Sarina Bowen
Series: Gravity #1
Published by Rennie Road Books, Blunder Woman Productions on August 10, 2017
Source: Purchased
Narrator: Joe Arden, Maxine Mitchell
Length: 6 hours, 33 minutes
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He can't have her. And he can't tell anyone why.

Ski racer Dane "Danger" Hollister does not do relationships, though he keeps his reason a secret. The real-life curse he's inherited from his mother will eventually cost him everything: his place on the Olympic ski team, his endorsement income, and his ability to fly downhill at top speed.

Reluctant country girl Willow Reade meets Dane by accident. Literally. Her skidding truck forces him off the road during a blizzard. Stranded together in his Jeep as night falls, the two loneliest people in Vermont find themselves sharing more than they'd planned. And not just conversation.

Yet neither can guess how their unlikely tryst will threaten Dane's frightening secret and Willow's tentative peace with her own choices. Only mutual trust and understanding can end their pain and give them a hard won shot at love.

Reread Via Audio:

I love the Gravity Series by Sarina Bowen so much, so I didn’t hesitate for one second when the Coming In From The Cold audiobook finally became available. I bought an audio copy immediately and put all of my other books aside so I could indulge in one of my favorites.

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Every time I reread this book, I love it more. This doesn’t surprise me, but I was surprised by how much I loved it more and by how much more I connected with both Willow and Dane this time around. No spoilers here, but Willow has to make some tough decisions. This time, I was really struck by how much Willow utilized her friendship with her BFF Callie when weighing each of her options. She bounced her thoughts off of Callie with each of her big decisions, which highlighted the depth of their friendship and I loved that. I also loved the way that some of Willow’s issues were handled here.  [Highlight for spoiler: Willow spent a ton of time weighing her options with her surprise pregnancy. I usually hate when pregnancies pop up in books, but I love that this one allowed the plot to expand. Plus it was given lots of thought and plenty of page-time, and Willow thoughtfully weighed her options. She took her time with this.] I love the way she talked this through with the other characters, all of them, and I loved her inner thoughts. I found this more plausible than many of the other books that I read with this same issue.

And regarding Dane, he really isn’t a nice guy for a chunk of this book. In fact, he goes beyond “grumpy” much of the time. But I get it, I SO get it. More than ever before, with this reread. In an effort not to spoil why: I can say that since I read this book last, I’ve actually been through the same thing that Dane experiences. The very same thing. [Highlight for spoiler: That means that yes, I have stared down the prospect of a Huntington’s diagnosis in my future and the possibility of passing it to my children.]  So the amount of HOLY CRAP, I GET IT that I experienced was just incredible. The amount of grace that I was able to extend to him was — more than the last time that I read. I understood why he felt the way that he did, why he was angry at the world, why he shut himself off to emotions; this meant that I was able to connect with this character in ways that I think many readers just aren’t able to. It was a huge kick in the gut for me this time around, but I appreciated being able to relate to him in this way, and I love Dane even more than I already did.

Audiobook Notes:

Geez, I love this book and I love this audiobook. The narrators are great, especially Joe Arden as Dane, because he does a great job of sounding angry and like a jerk at the appropriate times. I was a little bit shocked initially because I had always imagined that Willow would sound very young – she always did in my head. But I love the way that Maxine Mitchell sounded when she was reading Willow. She made Willow sound sure and confident and independent, which is exactly what Willow is. Now I can’t believe that I imagined her sounding any other way.

I’m thrilled to have been able to add this to my audio collection.

Title: Coming In From The Cold (Gravity #1) by Sarina Bowen
Published by: Blunder Woman Productions
Publish Date: 8-10-17
Length: 6 hours, 33 minutes, Unabridged
Narrators: Maxine Mitchell, Joe Arden

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About Sarina Bowen

Sarina Bowen is a New Englander whose Vermont ancestors cut timber and farmed the north country since the 1760s. Sarina is grateful for the invention of indoor plumbing and wi-fi during the intervening 250 years. On a few wooded acres, she lives with her husband, two boys, and an ungodly amount of ski and hockey gear.

Sarina’s books are published in a dozen languages on four continents. In 2016, The Romance Writers of America honored HIM by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy with a RITA award for Best Contemporary Romance, Mid-Length.


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