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Never Look Back by Alison Gaylin | Review

Never Look Back by Alison Ga..

Review: Never Look Back by Alison Gaylin opens with letter 15-year-old April Cooper has written to her future child, and it pulled me in immediately. While this first letter is a written assignment for one of April’s ninth grade classes, she continues writing these letters and this becomes the basis for her POV throughout the […]

Posted July 17, 2019
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The Islanders by Meg Mitchell Moore | Review

The Islanders by Meg Mitchel..

REVIEW: I’m joining the chorus of others that are saying: The Islanders by Meg Mitchell Moore is a great beach read, a great pool read, a great summer read, a great everything read. I enjoyed each of these characters right away when I met them and only grew to love them more as the story […]

Posted July 3, 2019
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One Minute Later by Susan Lewis | Review

One Minute Later by Susan Le..

Review: One Minute Later by Susan Lewis had my emotions all over the place. Questions kept popping up while I was reading and I absolutely had to know the answers to them all. I don’t want to spoil anything at all for anyone, so I’m going to be a little bit vague in this review. […]

Posted June 26, 2019
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The Summer Country by Lauren Willig | Review

The Summer Country by Lauren..

REVIEW: The Summer Country by Lauren Willig is wonderful, fantastic, brilliant. This story was so immersive that it pulled me in and I felt like I was right there, watching everything unfold with both generations. Taking place over about forty years, this story has everything: wealth and slavery, love and romance, betrayal and secrecy. At […]

Posted June 18, 2019
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Pieces of Her by Karin Slaughter | Review with Audiobook Notes

Pieces of Her by Karin Slaug..

REVIEW: Karin Slaughter’s books are truly comfort reads for me, blood and guts and all, because I read so many of them throughout my Dad’s long illness over the past couple of years. I adore her ability to punch me in the gut from the very beginning with her grit and gore, her exquisite characterization, […]

Posted June 13, 2019
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Queen Bee by Dorothea Benton Frank | Review

Queen Bee by Dorothea Benton..

REVIEW: I knew I wanted to read Queen Bee when Dorothea Benton Frank’s name was attached. I cannot tell you how much I love her stories and settings. Holly is thirty years old and still living at home with her mother, called the Queen Bee by everyone around because of her personality-she’s loud, a bit rude, […]

Posted June 7, 2019
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Resistance Women by Jennifer Chiaverini | Review

Resistance Women by Jennifer..

Review: Resistance Women by Jennifer Chiaverini features four women as well as their families and their significant others as they resist Hitler and the Nazis from the inside. Mildred is an American educator living in Germany with her German husband; Sara is a German Jew and one of Mildred’s students; Greta is a German writer […]

Posted May 27, 2019
By Invitation Only by Dorothea Benton Frank | Review

By Invitation Only by Doroth..

Review: I just love Southern authors and Southern settings, and there is specifically something about the work of Dorothea Benton Frank that makes me very excited. She writes the Lowcountry and just really nails it. I love how she represents the people of the South and the traditions, the food and the way we speak […]

Posted May 15, 2019
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Before She Knew Him by Peter Swanson | Review

Before She Knew Him by Peter..

REVIEW: I was pulled into Before She Knew Him right away, from the first chapter or two, and I never wanted to put it down at all, which felt awesome since I have been so excited to read this book-my first Peter Swanson experience! Reading friends and people all across the book community have consistently […]

Posted March 20, 2019
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The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley | Review

The Hunting Party by Lucy Fo..

REVIEW: This is one of those psychological thriller mysteries where a group of friends are gather together on a trip, and someone is murdered. So which character is the one that got killed? And who did it? I’m incredibly drawn to these stories and I’m pretty sure I’ve enjoyed them every time I’ve read them. There […]

Posted March 15, 2019