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Where have I been this summer?

Where have I been this summe..

Here is a random tree that I look at from my side porch when I read outside. Booyah! Where have I been this summer? HELLO EVERYONE! I took the summer off from blogging! And from Twitter (mostly). I didn’t have to, it wasn’t required. I just wanted to. I’ve been blogging fairly regularly for over […]

Posted August 30, 2016
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Taking Breaks | Like A Book Blogger

Taking Breaks | Like A Book ..

[TAKING BREAKS] like a book blogger.  I’m all for taking blogging breaks when we need them. Or reading breaks. Or any kind of break at all, ever. Life is the way it is. We have to be kind to ourselves, and sometimes that means switching things up for a little while.  Right?  I have taken […]

Posted August 13, 2015
Time To Talk! Reading From The Backlist

Time To Talk! Reading From T..

I’m drinking the last of my pot of coffee right now and I’m feeling pretty wired. It’s GREAT.   The word “backlist” makes me chuckle sometimes. Imagine me, sitting at my computer, using air quotes every time I type that word, okay? Perfect. Why, you ask? Because every time I find a new title, no matter […]

Posted May 20, 2015
Personal | A Bookish A-Ha Moment

Personal | A Bookish A-Ha Mo..

Let me present a very silly picture taken of myself all in fun on the day that my hair straightener broke while I talk to you about something that is on my heart. You may have been following the news lately about my Dad having some neuro issues. We now have a diagnosis; our unknowns […]

Posted April 13, 2015
On Resurrecting My Contemporary Event

On Resurrecting My Contempor..

Hi everyone!  You guys see this picture to the left? The one with my toes and my Coke and my Kindle? This is the cute picture I was using last year for my 2014 Contemporary Event, which was scheduled for July – I LOVE doing these every year, reading the contemporaries, talking about them, all […]

Posted March 20, 2015
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Three Reasons I Read Fantasy Slower Than You

Three Reasons I Read Fantasy..

Some of you guys know that I’m a very quirky reader, I’ve talked about it before, and some of you may remember that it takes me forever to read fantasy books. Since these tend to be some of my favorite books, you may wonder why I seem to flail or muddle through these stories. I’m […]

Posted March 16, 2015
Making Bloggy Mistakes | Like A Book Blogger

Making Bloggy Mistakes | Lik..

[MAKING BLOGGY MISTAKES] like a book blogger.  Nobody likes to make mistakes. It’s inevitable that we will have little slip-ups now and then, everyone does, particularly when we put out something public like a website where we write stuff and post photos and get creative. I’ve spent my fair share of time cringing over my own […]

Posted March 5, 2015
Manners | Like A Book Blogger

Manners | Like A Book Blogge..

[MANNERS] like a book blogger.  A few days ago I talked about how I wanted to start a new, positive conversation in the blogosphere and I began by talking about finding our voices when we write online. I talked a little bit about my own writing voice and how I sometimes get a little flail-y […]

Posted January 21, 2015
Writing | Like A Book Blogger

Writing | Like A Book Blogge..

[WRITING] like a book blogger.  A few nights ago, I was looking over a blog post before I scheduled it and I was fortunate enough to have my guy sitting beside of me. Since he was RIGHT THERE,  I asked him if he would read over what I’d written and tell me if it looked okay.   […]

Posted January 16, 2015
Reading Like a Beast in a Non-Reading World, Part 1

Reading Like a Beast in a No..

Source According to Urban Dictionary, “beast status is achieved when the aforementioned person is so good at a certain skill that they have exceeded human comprehension, thus making them non-human.” (Source: here.)  I’m just gonna go out on a limb here and say that I read like a beast. Chances are pretty good that if you […]

Posted January 9, 2015